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01 June 2022
William R.  Morledge

COVID Travel Update
June's Nitelife News
Bangkok's Bars - 20 Years Ago  
A Smile in the Land of Smiles.
Reader's Corner: Soi 7 in Limbo
Traces of Our Past - The Nightclubs - 1965
Bangkok's Graffiti Update  - #191
   While Thailand is not yet 'out of the woods' on Covid-19, (daily deaths hover in the 20's and 30's), the Powers-That-Be have allowed massage parlors, karaokes and bars to reopen to their former (pre-Covid) activity levels.   Note: While there are some lingering international travel and hygiene restrictions, once inside Bangkok's Night Entertainment Venues, it's status quo ante (or to say the same thing another way, 'New Normal same as the old)...    (...cont'd below)
The cluster of 5 bar beers known informally as 'Tewly Cocktail group' rocks on "till late" every night, with only a rare mask in sight...

            A month earlier the Prime Minister's Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) deemed the Pandemic to be 'Endemic', and they have since continued to ease off on international travel and entertainment restrictions.   The most recent incremental repeal of restrictions - inclusive of freeing up the Night Entertainment Venues - became effective 1 June 2022 and is summarized below.
            This information has been updated on 31 May, 2022.
A Summary of Current Government Guidelines on Covid-19
Bangkok, 01 June 2022

The following rules will be in effect from 1 June, 2022, with specific requirements for vaccinated and unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated travellers from all countries/territories with scheduled arrivals from this date.

Pre-arrival requirements

         Vaccinated travellers must have the following documents for entering Thailand:

1.   A valid passport, or a Border Pass for arrivals via border checkpoints.

2.   A Thailand Pass (via (Thais are exempt from this requirement.)   Once all essential details have been completed via the system, the QR code will be automatically issued (no waiting time).

3.   An insurance policy with coverage no less than US$10,000.   Thais and foreign expatriates under Thailand’s national healthcare coverage are exempt from this requirement.

4.    A Certificate of COVID-19 Vaccination

5.   Everyone 18 years of age and older must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 with an approved vaccine at least 14 days before travelling to Thailand.

6.   Travellers 5-17 years of age travelling to Thailand unaccompanied must get vaccinated with at least 1 dose of an approved vaccine at least 14 days before travelling to Thailand.

7.   Those travelling with parents are exempt from this requirement.

8.   Travellers with a history of COVID-19 infection who have recovered by medical treatment, and travellers who have received at least one dose of an approved vaccine post-infection must have a certificate of COVID-19 recovery.

         Unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated travellers must have the following documents for entering Thailand:

1.   A valid passport, or a Border Pass for arrivals via border checkpoints.

2.    A Thailand Pass (via   (Thais are exempt from this requirement.)   Once all essential details have been completed via the system, the QR code will be automatically issued (no waiting time).

3.   An insurance policy with coverage no less than US$10,000.   Thais and foreign expatriates under Thailand’s national healthcare coverage are exempt from this requirement.

On Arrival Requirements

1.   Upon arriving in Thailand, all travellers must undergo entry screening, including body temperature check, and present the required documents to the Immigration/Health Control officer to carry out the checks.

2.   The vaccinated travellers will then be allowed entry and are free to go anywhere in the kingdom.   *For arrivals by land using a border pass, they will be allowed a stay of no longer than 3 days within the specified areas only.

3.   Likewise, unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated travellers who have uploaded proof of a negative result from an RT-PCR test or professional ATK within 72 hours of travel via the Thailand Pass system will be allowed entry and are free to go anywhere in the kingdom.

4.   Unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated travellers without a negative test result within 72 hours of travel are required to follow the public health instructions and guidelines as deemed appropriate by the Health Control officer at the point of arrival.

During the Stay

While in Thailand, both vaccinated and unvaccinated/not fully vaccinated travellers are advised to strictly follow the health and safety standards.   Travellers who are experiencing COVID-like symptoms should get tested.   If testing positive, they must get the appropriate medical treatment.

Entertainment / Night Entertainment

In the “Green Zone” and “Blue Zone” provinces of Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket, bars, including A Go-Go bars, clubs, pubs, tattoo & massage parlours, gyms/ fitness studios, movie theatres, traditional plays / shows, saunas, barber shops, beauty and nail salons are allowed to open / reopen.   (Editor's note: As long as there are customers, other than Item 1 below, we have not observed the other three rules in effect.)

1.   Employees must be vaccinated, to include booster shot.

2.   Employees must wear masks.

3.   Venues nominally to close at 12:00 midnight.

4.   Standard hygeine measures remain in effect.

We note that the Government can change travel and/or Night Entertainment policy from time to time, so prospective travellers should update on a regular basis, both with the Tourist Organization of Thailand (TOT), and your local Thai Consulate.

Tourist Authority of Thailand (TAT) website <link>.
Thai Consulate <link>.

The Covid-19 Certificate of Vaccination for International Travel
(Reprinted by request.)

      For Thais and foreigners living in, or otherwise vaccinated against Covid-19 in Thailand, your records have automatically been maintained at the Department of Disease Control, Ministry of Public Health.   Your records can be accessed by you at any time by downloading the Moh Phrom app on your smart phone, and filling in the data - exactly as recorded on your hard copy vaccination certificate given to you at the time of vaccination.

      Should you be planning to obtain your "International Certificate" (yellow booklet below) to travel outside of Thailand, open your Moh Prom app and scroll down to the International Certificate box - and click-and-apply.   Note: foreigners are given a 13 digit ID number in lieu of the Thai National ID number, which you will find on your hard-copy certificate, and you will be required to use it when applying.   You will be able to book an online appointment to obtain your Covid-19 Certification of Vaccination on the app - which, when completed, will usually involve a wait of approximately one week to ten days.   When you go to pick up your certificate, bring your passport and hard copy vaccination certificate(s) for verification purposes.   The pick up point is at the Bang Rak Hospital Building next to the new Saint Louis BTS station on Sathorn Road.   The fee is fifty (50) Baht.. The earlier requirement to present your onward travel documents / airline tickets is no longer in effect, all are welcome to process for the new yellow booklet.   We recommend all expats process for this certificate, as the rules and regulations on the international scene are in flux, and you may be required to show the certificate at many and various points of entry, etc, to include getting back into Thailand.
               In summation    ( Reprint from previous issue.) -
         Bangkok Eyes will continue our efforts to encourage tourism by providing updated information on travel and entertainment which could be useful to those wishing to visit Thailand.   Travellers to the Kingdom, once through the entry drill for documentation and possible testing, currently have a great amount of leeway in travelling in-country, and visiting Night Entertainment Venues.   However, while current regulations for wearing masks are technically still in effect (such as public transportation, public and commercial buildings and other official locations), many are now not wearing masks on the street or in places of entertainment.   Nevertheless, in certain circumstances you may be asked to wear your mask, so it is important that you have your mask with you when leaving your home / hotel.    Foreigners in Thailand must keep their vaccinations up to date, and should keep proof of vaccination with them when out and about.


This month's Thai Smile smiles from a far shore...

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Advance Notification



Join the 'Comments' page...

   READER :     Sir,
      Been away for a couple decades, and now that the Cov's leaving town, at least we hope, I'm back in Bangkok, and back in the bars.    Sure glad to be back, but somehow its not the same.   Sure, prices are up, but thats not a big deal after this many years, but what I'm getting at is hitting the bars in the evening used to be a relaxing time, mostly just hanging out having a few.    Finding a girl for the evening always a possibility, but not being pressured.   Then there's today - let me give you an example, the other night at Nana I was taking some selfies and some guard in paramilitary gear and a buzzcut starts shining a laser in my eyes, yelling, 'No Photo!   No Photo!   Such a bizarre scene could not have happened in the laid-back Bangkok of 20 or 30 years ago.   WTF?   Since when do bar areas have security guards?   I'm being serious here, since when?   And to the point, why?   Are they expecting big-time trouble?   Bangkok is still great, but this is not even close to the Bangkok I remember.

      We are getting a lot of similar correspondence lately.   Some of our correspondents, like yourself, remember the laid back Bangkok of earlier times - - the 'Golden Age' by any measure..   While others, the relative newcomers, are saying they don't want to hear about it - they don't want to hear a bunch of old men crying in their beers about "The Good Old Days", referring to it as the 'Nostalgia Factor' and other like terms.   Having been here since the 60's, we can verify that the Bangkok Nightlife of old is nothing like the Bangkok Nightlife of recent times.   And its not just Nana Plaza, and its not just buzz-cut paramilitaries stroking up and down the corridors like pint-sized Rambos shining lasers in your eye.   Some establishments are adopting (along with bouncers) dress codes directly from L. A.'s Sunset Strip.   Old friends have been turned away from these overtly pretentious Venues for wearing sandals with sox.   Other venues are exacting a cover charge - something unimaginable in the Bangkok of an earlier year.   All we can say is anyone stupid enough to pay a cover charge, when they can walk down the soi for two minutes and visit another venue, deserves to have their money stripped from their pockets.   In times past, when tourists took a girl out of a bar, or met a girl at a coffee shop, the assumption was it was for all-night, and the likelihood of a trip to Pattaya for a few days if the 'compatibility factor' so indicated...   Today the assumption (or stated up front) is one or two hours, max.
   Today, visiting an A Go-Go bar, you wonder why the dancers are undulating or walking slowly back and forth on stage and not A Go-Go dancing?   It's because they can't - oh, physically they can dance, but have you ever tried to dance, or even imagine anyone trying to dance to the techno-crap 'music' they play?   When the managers are asked about their droning synthetic music, their reply is, universally, 'This is what the people want!"    Oh really?   I can't recall anyone requesting a D.J. to play thump, thump, thump.   And while we are on the subject of D.J.s, any Nitespot could have 100 hours of danceable rock on a thumb-drive, and just play that on 'random' every night.   D.J.s are as indispensable to Night Entertainment as zits on your gluteus maximus.
   And then there are the Venues - in days of old, each bar had an elaborately crafted 'theme' - the Mississippi Queen had a river boat theme, the Sea-Hag had a South-Sea Island theme, the Madrid had Spanish decor.. etc. - the customer's comfort and pleasure was the object.   Today it's obvious the bars just don't care, we get chrome poles and mirrors, lots of mirrors (mirrors for the dancers to preen themselves while they are shuffling back and forth on stage).   While, in the meantime, we are hustled into tiered 'church pew' style seating which allows for maximum occupancy (as opposed to comfortable seating of old) - often being asked what we would like to drink before our butts hit the wood.
   The above partial list of differences between 'The Good Old Days' and today is just that - a partial list.   So for those relative newcomers, it would be pointless to try to explain the differences between Bangkok's Golden Age and today, because they have no frame-of-reference.   I repeat here the Old-Guy's universal refrain, "Whatever happened to sanuk? "
NAME  THAT  '80's  A GO-GO
   READER :  
      In the 1980s used to go to a go go bar that was on Patpong one and I believe close to Surawong.   It was owned by a German named Robert.   The interior was black and there were busts of ancient greeks and romans as décor.   Bells were on the tables and you could ring them when you wanted a refill.   There was a fast food hamburger joint across the street.   I can't remember the name and it’s driving me crazy.   Thanks.

      Unfortunately, there is more than one possible answer which fits your description.   Two bars at the Surawong end of PP1 come to mind.   The first is Gas Light, which was Classically fitted out.    The second bar was Max's, also with extensive interior decorations.   But these bars were lounge / music bars more so than A Go-Go.

      In the late 80's there was a place called Mango Brutus at the Surawong end of PP1, which I never visited (A Go-Go?).   Across Patpong 1 from this Venue was the Magic Grill, which might have been fast food/ hamburgers...    Hope this helps.

Thanks for reading and for writing in.
Don't hesitate to send your questions and comments - always welcome.
Note: Text may be edited for brevity and/ or clarity.
'Reader's Corner' moderator -

'Boge' Hartman
Historical Research
*   Zootramp Publications



Let the Follies begin-

    Vol. XXXI      No. 06
                           Bangkok,  01 June 2022                         
   Free Distribution

               As the Patpong 1 Night Entertainment Area continues to slowly reopen (good news), a lot has to happen to remove the ghostly dark appearance.   The once-famous (infamous) Entertainment Area is still a long way from regaining a 'critical mass' of viable Venues.   (Video filmed 31 May 2022.)

               The big surprise this month is the full reopening of Radio City (2 levels - pool upstairs).   Hopefully an encouragement to other Nitespots...   Format : hostesses and A Go-Go dancing.   May they continue to rock...



       The sign-less Happiness has opened anew in the hallowed grounds that once was home to the Mississippi Queen.   Modus operandi : open-fronted lounge.   May Fate deal them aces and faces...

       Last month we noted the reopening of the 5th level Emperor Club but had no accompanying photo.   The below pic for the archives... Located above Shenanigans.   May they keep on keeping on...

       Although we have walked past this near-prehistoric sign more times than we care to remember, it never once registered in our frontal lobes.   A sharp-eyed documentarian (you know who you are) spotted it from a thousand yards and brought it to our attention.   It must be an omen....   Note the antiquated spelling of 'Patpong' - rarely seen these days.   Definitely one for the archives...

            Venues open May 2022 through 1 June 2022 :
         *    King's Castle 1 - REMAINS OPEN

         *    King's Castle - REMAINS OPEN

         *    Emperor Club - REMAINS OPEN - 5th level above Shenanigans.

         *    Tip Top - - REMAINS OPEN - as a Pool Bar.

         *    Wong Barber - REMAINS OPEN

         *    Derby King - REMAINS OPEN

         *    Shenanigans - REMAINS OPEN - (On Suriwong Road)

         *   Unnamed massage parlor - REMAINS OPEN - Upstairs above Thigh Bar.

         *    Radio City - REOPEN

         *   Happiness Bar - NEW

       Patpong 2 remained busy but static (with regards Venues in transition) over the last month, with the exception of the Top Less Pool Bar which has closed temporarily yet again (it has never been topless).   We'll take another look, see if it has sprung back to life next month's issue.

            The Lucky Star / Long Gun has emerged from the Covid doldrums and has rolled out the red carpet once again.   All is status quo ante.   May they continue to rage against the Machine.

            The Cockatoo has reopened once again.   May they persevere.

              Nana Plaza appears to be operating near-full strength with the further reopening of previously Covid-closed Venues.   This month we see the reopening of Obsession at ground level, the Butterflies on the 3rd level, and the Angel Witch and the DC-10, both on the 2nd level.   Let's keep this party rolling...

               The long wait is over for the regulars at the Bangcockney Pub, which reopened this last month in its bigger and much improved digs.   Located where they always were, at the junction of Soi 6 and Soi Nana.   Say no more...

               Last month we included a pic of the new 2nd level Swan Mak Muan, which had replaced the Swan Karaoke (which lasted only one month).   This month they have also closed, and are switching out signage again, apparently becoming a karaoke or a disco...   More on this next month when they will have yet another new bit of neon up.   This musical chairs is hard to keep track of - hopefully they will be able to settle on what they want to be....

            Venues that transitioned May through 1 June 2022.
         *   Country Road - REOPEN - in the Swan complex.

            Although Soi Katoey remains fully open for the 3rd month, the upstairs Hugs appears to be up to it's old tricks of disappointing it's regular customers by opening and closing in a most irregular manner, without notice.   Let's see how long this lasts...
 SOI  KATOEY (Silom  Soi  4)

 SOI  22  
            The White Night Bar has relocated out of Subsoi Lemongrass to larger, greatly improved digs on Subsoi Hana.   Replacing what was the Flavour 22 Bar, which closed 2 months ago.   Located in the small subsoi just past the Marriott Hotel.   Get down tonight...
 SOI  22  

            Venues in transition May through 1 June 2022.   Nitespots reported OPEN last month remain open.
         *   La Coquine Massage - REOPEN - Soi Lemongrass-

         *   Yu Ka - REOPEN
 SOI  22  

            The Alchemist has opened newly midway down Soi Ambassador (Sukhumvit Soi 11).   They started out years ago as Meow Meow in Queens Park Plaza, moving eventually to Soi 7 Plaza.   Just as they were changing their name there in Soi 7, the Entertainment Area was hit with extended closures by the authorities.   They didn't wait around to see what would eventually happen - they pulled up stakes and moved to Soi Ambassador, adopting the new Alchemist handle.   Let the good times roll...
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

            Last month we noted the impending opening of Dragon Bar, and are pleased to note they did open in the month of May.    They are located in Soi 11/1 next door to the new Rock & Legend live music venue.   Let the nightgames begin.
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

            After an extended Covid layoff, the Sugar Club is once again in the thick of it.   Complete with new door-bouncers and improved lighting.   The Sugar Club is an 'open till late' club.   Welcome them back to the bright lights, big city...
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

            As noted last month, Big B's Pool Bar relocated from Soi 7 Plaza to the former One For The Road (next to the defunct Apoteka).   For whatever reason, they were closed on 1 June when we passed by (22:15 hrs).   We saw a small sign in Thai language saying they are urgently hiring, but that was it.   We'll keep an ear to the ground, and should their status change, we shall so report...
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

            Venues that transitioned from March through 1 June 2022. (Not inclusive of above.)
         *   Juicy / Bafros - CLOSED - (Physically open, lights out. (?))

         *   Club Koreana Karaoke - CLOSED

         *   PP Massage / Ya Dong Potion - REOPEN - Soi Havana Social.
 SOI  AMBASSADOR  (Sukhumvit Soi 11) 

  SOI  7  PLAZA  
(And the Soi 7 Bier Garten)
             As new rumors come to replace the old, the Soi 7 Plaza remains very much closed, no confirmed reopening date as of our 31 May survey.    A dreary look from inside - looking out at Soi 7 - only the 10 Baht pay toilets remain in operation for the street bar staff and customers..

             The Corner 7 is the latest to abandon Soi 7 Plaza (the fourth, that we are aware of).   The other three are Big B's (to Soi Ambassador), the Alchemist which was Meow Meow a long time ago (to Soi Ambassador), and Private (to Soi 22).   Is it too soon to say the crew is abandoning the sinking ship?

            The Hunny Bunny BKK Specialty Massage has opened in the long-closed SKV33 Massage deep in the Soi.   Rub a dub dub...
 SOI  DEAD  ARTIST (Sukhumvit Soi 33) 

            The Nippon-oriented Jasmine Club Snack Bar & Karaoke, opened in the Covid-closed Kocho Ran in Subsoi Pan Pan.   Welcome to the vicissitudes...
 SOI  DEAD  ARTIST (Sukhumvit Soi 33) 

            The New Mystique Specialty Massage, opened in the old Survey Entertainment lounge (which didn't quite make it out of the Covid-winter)...   May the New Mystique always have a chinchoke on their wall...
 SOI  DEAD  ARTIST (Sukhumvit Soi 33) 

            The RIP has survived the Covid plague, once again throwing open its doors to the (Japanese) public.   Located midway down Soi Pan Pan on the left.   May they continue to party.
 SOI  DEAD  ARTIST (Sukhumvit Soi 33) 

            The Cool Sports Bar, has taken down their signage and the premises remain in darkness...   (Yet some are still playing pool on pool tables in the open area...)   We'll be keeping an eye open on this... there is no sign saying they will be returning, or that they are 'Renovating', so it's a wait-and-see on a possible reopening...   We have removed them from the 'roster' in the interim...
-File photo
 SOI  EDEN  (Sukhumvit 7 / 1) 


Traces of Bangkok's Early Years
      This month Midnite Hour reviews 1965's hottest Nightclubs in the Land of Smiles.   We should note for the record that we are covering Bangkok's independent Nightclubs - leaving the 'Nightclub-style' entertainment found in the major hotels for a future article.

      The Starlight located dead-center in the New Road Night Entertainment Area was known for its wide variety of foreign entertainment and a large selection of female 'dance partners'.

      The Sani Chateau was perhaps the most active in bringing in acts from abroad, (until the opening of Cafe de Paris - see below), and had a long history of name-entertainers of the day.   They were located in the now-redeveloped Gaysorn Night Entertainment Area.

      The Garden Cafe was of course much more than just a cafe.   They were located on Oriental Avenue - off New Road in a cluster of Night Entertainment Venues in that area.   They generally had live music performed by the several Philippine musicians that made their home in Thailand in the 60's and 70's.   They generally worked the circuit of expat Nite Spots, sometimes playing two or three gigs in an evening.

      September 1965 marked the opening of the Cafe de Paris, just across Surawong Road from the rapidly rising Patpong 1.   Their opening was covered in detail -from a culinary viewpoint- by Friar Tuck (Bernard Trink) of The Bangkok World newspaper (18 Sep '65 edition).   It would become one of the more popular Night Venues in Bangkok, featuring a wide variety of imported entertainment acts, a popular coffee shop (the Carnation) and a bevy of hostesses.   Note the hours of operation - 6:30 a.m. - 03:00 a.m.....   (We suspect that should read, '6:30 p.m.'?)

      The Green Palms, not often remembered today, was a heavily advertised and attended Nightclub in it's day.   It was located on Ploenchit Road approximately across the street from Gaysorn Night Entertainment Area.   We note they were one of several Nitespots that had 'Tea Dances' in the afternoons on weekends.   The 'Tea Dance' style of entertainment died out almost completely in the late 1970's.   They also had 'free Hamburg' on Saturdays..... does anyone know what that is...?

      The New Champagne Room was yet another of the large-format Nightclubs popular with the expat community, featuring entertainment of most all varieties from abroad.   Located on what was then informally called Customs House Lane, one of the many sois off of New Road.   Regret to inform; we don't know anything about Jenny Lee.



With thanks to Cool Text

Bangkok Eyes goes back in time to see
Who was New - And Who was Through
in the Expat Night Entertainment World
How many of these old 'Oases'
Do you remember ?

Patpong 1
June 2002

   *  No changes that month / year.

(Total Nitespots that month: 33 )

Patpong 2
June 2002

   *  The Marco Polo opened newly in place of Bobby's Deli (the old Bobby's Aroy Dee).   (Marco Polo was still being run by Bobby.)    Today that real estate is occupied by Paddy Fields.

   *  The Eden Foam Bar closed.   Today that real estate is occupied by Dream Boy Bangkok.

   *  The The Pink Piano Bar & Lounge closed.   It was located on the second level above the Pink Panther.   While the Pink Panther is still in operation, the upstairs is not presently occupied.

   *  The second level Platinum opened new.   It was located in Soi Bookstore on the second level above King's Corner, having taken over the reins of the King's Lounge Disco Tech.

(Total Nitespots that month: 56 )

Soi Cowboy
June 2002

   *  The Juke's New A Go Go Duck re-closed after having reopened for only a month.   Today that property is home to Covid-closed Shark.

(Total Nitespots that month: 33 )

Cowboy Annex
(Asoke Corner + Asoke Plaza)
[ ~June 1998  to  04 February 2005 ]
June 2002

   *  The Luc's Bar - REOPENED - along the back fence in the Asoke Plaza side.

   *  The Corner beer bar - REOPENED - at the front of the Asoke Plaza side.

   *  (A muay Thai Boxing Ring) - NEW - located in the back, Asoke Corner side.

   * An (Unnamed Bar Beer) opened NEW in the back, on the Asoke Corner side.

   * The Night Eyes Karaoke - NEW - on the left side of the Asoke Corner side.

(Total Nitespots that month: 42 )

Nana Plaza
June 2002

   *  The Obsession CLOSED (The bar beer outside remained open). The Obsession, still called 'Off-Station' by the denizens, is still at that location, having just reopened from the Covid winter.

   *   The 2nd level Nancy Bar - CLOSED.   That lot (until recently the Mercury Lady Boy) not occupied today.

(Total Nitespots that month: 40 )

Soi Katoey
( Silom Soi 4 )
June 2002

  *  (Bobby's Arms) -  RENOVATION - To open soon - connecting to Bobby's Arms main dining room which up until then was only accessed by the 2nd level PP2 Car Park.   No Venue currently exists at either location.

  *  (Noriega's) -  RENOVATION - To open soon at the end of the Soi.   No Venue currently exists at that location.

  *  g-4 -  CLOSED   Located in part of what is today's Pride.

(Total Nitespots that month: 10 )

Soi Dead Artists
( Sukhumvit Soi 33 )
June 2002

  *  The Entertainment Club Fuchicho 1997 - CLOSED - Today those digs are home to the still-COVID-closed Club Sapporo in the S 33 Compact Hotel.

(Total Nitespots that month: 33 )

Buckskin Joe Village
(~ December 1988  to  9 June 2006)
(Also called 'Tobacco Road',  'Soi Rot Fai',  'The Tracks',  'Soi Zero' & 'Machim' [Thai] )
June 2002

      The Blue Sky Bar - NEW

(Total Nitespots that month: 16 )

Washington Square
(~ April 1999  to  April 2014)
June 2002

   *         The Akasuri Korea Style Massage - REOPENED after A one month closure.

   *         The Mykonos - NEW    Located in a previously unused part of Washington Square, near the northwest corner.

(Total Nitespots that month: 18 )

Clinton Plaza
(Originally ''Entertainment Plaza'')
[ ~February 1999  to  June 2003 ]

June 2002

      *  Charlie's Angels - NEW - Located in the Tivoli digs in the main building.

      *  The White House A Go Go - CLOSED - Located against the main building at the back.

      *  The Hollywood A Gogo East - CLOSED - Located against the outer wall.

(Total Nitespots that month: 18 )

''13 Night Market'' Entertainment Area
(Originally 'Old Thermae Compound')
[ April 2000 - March 2005 ] 

June 2002

      *  All Nitespots - CLOSED during renovations.

(Total Nitespots that month: 0 )

Sukhumvit Square
[ February 2002 - 26 January 2003 ] 

June 2002

         Below is the 1 June 2002 Midnite Hour survey of Sukhumvit Square Night Entertainment Area .

Facing Sukhumvit Rd
(Jo Jo's Bar) CLOSED
Sweet Home Bar (Seminal Bar)
Montika Bar
Gemini - NEW - (ex: Wild Plum) CLOSED

At the Rear
A-10 Bar & Pool
Country Road Beer Bar
Tippler's Tavern
Artistic Bar
(Speto) - CLOSED
The Retreat Bar
Kat Beer Bar - NEW
Bar Sanuk- NEW
Lemon Tree - NEW
Infinity Bar & Karaoke - NEW
Friend Bar- NEW
@ Ease - NEW

East Side - On Soi 10
Rolls Royce Bar - REOPEN (drop 'Welcome')
Star Bar

In The Happy Today "8-Pak"
Chemo Bar
Ying's Corner
Rose Garden
Tu Bar
California - NEW - (ex: Sport 2) CLOSED
Lovely Bar

West Side
Lucky Cat Bar
Hello Bar
Walker Bar Pool & Dart
Suzy & Crazy Bar
Say Hi
(Harry Potter) - CLOSED
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But is it ....ART ?

Check out Bangkok's dedicated page at "BKK" <link>


      This month, Bangkok Eyes defers to the popular website GraffitiStreet which, in their latest edition have captured monstrously the international flavor of anti-Russian, pro-Ukrainian graffiti.   Follow this <.link> to see their colorful coverage.   For a hint of things to come, we have excerpted a few pics below.

Excerpt Copyright

Excerpt Copyright

Excerpt Copyright

Bangkok Eyes is an historically based news outlet, and as such, all graphic excerpts herein are considered, under current legal precedents and prevailing interpretations, 'Fair Use' under Copyright Law.   Copyright of any original photographs or artwork resides exclusively with the creators.

With thanks to Cool

Graffiti #1340
Hands Across The Universe
6 ft high x 7 ft

Graffiti #1341
Fast Walker
6 ft high x 17 ft

Graffiti #1342
8 ft high x 16 ft

Graffiti #1343
Road Noise
6 ft high x 18 ft (Inclusive)

Graffiti #1344
Silver Threads
6 ft high x 10 ft

Graffiti #1345
8 ft high x 18 ft

Graffiti #1346
Can't Update
8 ft high x 17 ft

Bangkok Eyes is an historically based news outlet, and as such, all graphic excerpts herein are considered, under current legal precedents and
prevailing interpretations, 'Fair Use' under Copyright Law.   Copyright of any original artwork resides exclusively with the creator

Bangkok's original site !

SINCE  2005

Graffiti Page is prepared by Staff Contributor "Boge" Hartman.

(Boge's photo, above, is not a graffiti per-se, although there are those who have insinuated....
- Ed)

--- Datzit Fernow

William R. Morledge


"The Archives" - All Our Back Issues Here

- 2022 -
01 JAN -   Omicron - a "Big Deal" ?
01 FEB -   Omicron Milder, Stable
01 MAR -   Bangkok Nitelife rebounds
01 APR -    Covid High amid Reopenings
01 MAY -    Pub Crawl - In The Time of Covid
01 JUN -    Nitespots Fully Open
- 2021 -
01 JAN -   Covid surges - Nitespots hit
01 FEB -    CoV-19 Vaccine Delay - Bars in Tatters
01 MAR -   CoV-19 Vaccine here - Bars reopen
01 APR -    Covid stable - Travel eases
01 MAY -    Covid 3rd Wave bashes Nitelife
01 JUN -    Nightlife Dark Ages Continue
01 JUL -    Covid Worsens - Lockdown widens
01 AUG -    Covid-19 Skyrockets - Blanket Testing
01 SEP -    Covid-19 Cases down - Nitelife ailing...
01 OCT -    Covid Cases Down 60%
01 NOV -    Covid Eases, Hopes Rise
01 DEC -    Covid Eases Again - Nitelife Restarts

- 2020 -
01 JAN -   Soi 7 "On The Map"
01 FEB -   Soi 33's Dead Artists - RIP
01 MAR -    Queen's Park Plaza gone
01 APR -    Coronavirus Crunch
01 MAY -    Coronavirus Ebbs
01 JUN -    Coronavirus is killing bars
01 JUL -    Coronavirus now rare
01 AUG -    Thais curb Coronavirus
01 SEP -    Covid blockade foils 2nd Wave
01 OCT -    Coronavirus vs Coronaphobia
01 NOV -    Trink Passes On
01 DEC -    Soi 8 Survives
- 2019 -
01 JAN -   Soi 71 + "W District"
01 FEB -    Back to Soi 26
01 MAR -   Soi 1 & Soi 3
01 APR -    Mizu's of Patpong
01 MAY -    Mississippi Twins
01 JUN -    Gay Patpong ? -Twilight Gone
01 JUL -    Bars - 50 Years On
01 AUG -    Soi 8 Reviste
01 SEP -    Copyright & the 'Net
01 OCT -    Historic Honolulu - Chinatown
01 NOV -    The Patpong Museum
01 DEC -    Queen's Park Fades - Soi 7 Opens

- 2018 -
01 JAN -   The Pub Crawl
01 FEB -   Bobby Passes On
01 MAR -    Nana - The Plaza - The Soi
01 APR -    Soi Dead Artists - Downsizing?
01 MAY -    Soi's 5, 7, 7/1 Eden
01 JUN -    Soi 24 - Going Nowhere
01 JUL -    Street Bars - They're Back
01 AUG -    Udorn in the 60's & 70's
01 SEP -    Potpourri - Odds 'N Ends
01 OCT -    Khao San + Rambutri Rds.
01 NOV -    Night Market Sri Nakarin
01 DEC -    Soi 23 - Running Hot
- 2017 -
01 JAN -   Soi 22 - the Survivor
01 FEB -    Hua Hin Nights
01 MAR -   Hooking-Up
01 APR -    Soi Than Tawan
01 MAY -    Our Saloon-Count Surveys
01 JUN -    Soi Bua Khao
01 JUL -    Soi 8 - Work In Progress
01 AUG -    NO PHOTO (more or less)
01 SEP -    Stickman Calls 'Time'
01 OCT -    Sweet Black Angel
01 NOV -    Thai King At Rest
01 DEC -    The Dark Arts

- 2016 -
01 JAN -   Railway Bazaar
01 FEB -   Sukhumvit Square Justice
01 MAR -    Paint the Neon Night
01 APR -    Udom Suk Reviste
01 MAY -    Soi Thaniya
01 JUN -    Soi Thonglor Re-up
01 JUL -    Massage Parlor Row
01 AUG -    Check Inn 99
01 SEP -    Pattaya A Go-Go
01 OCT -    Bangkok's Nitelife Maps
01 NOV -    Nitespot Demographics
01 DEC -    Pattaya's Soi 6

- 2015 -
01 JAN -    A Go-Go Bar Ratings
01 FEB -    Are Cops Gouging Nitelifers?
01 MAR -   Bad Company
01 APR -    LK Metro - Pattaya
01 MAY -    Soi 33 goes East
01 JUN -    Rachada Fades
01 JUL -    Freelancers
01 AUG -    Nana Plaza Map 2015
01 SEP -    Soi Nana Map 2015
01 OCT -    Walking Street - Pattaya
01 NOV -    Rachada - The Giant
01 DEC -    A Go-Go's Story

- 2014 -
01 JAN -   Bangkok's Got The Blues
01 FEB -   Soi 26 - Stayin' Alive
01 MAR -    Nightscene rues Mob
01 APR -    My Friend owns a Bar...
01 MAY -    Soi's 3, 5 and 7
01 JUN -    Curfew's Costly Cut
01 JUL -    Soi 13 Makes It's Move
01 AUG -    Pattaya Does The Twist
01 SEP -    Soi's 18 & 20 - Quieter is Better
01 OCT -    Soi's 10 & 14 - Lesser known Sois
01 NOV -    A Good Old Boy...
01 DEC -    Lang Suan & Sarasin

- 2013 -
01 JAN -    Not Fade Away - The Survivors
01 FEB -    Rare Old Photos
01 MAR -   Copa Reprise
01 APR -    Arise, Soi 22
01 MAY -    Where to Next ?
01 JUN -    Bangkok Noir
01 JUL -    MAPS - The Major Update
01 AUG -    Lamai Lamai Lamai
01 SEP -    Tim 'Wanchai' Young
01 OCT -    Soi Wall Street
01 NOV -    Little Thonglor - Soi 11
01 DEC -    Mississippi Queen

- 2012 -
01 JAN -    Mama-San
01 FEB -    Our 10th Anniversary Issue !
01 MAR -    How Gay Nana ?
01 APR -    Sukhumvit' Soi 23 - The Big Picture
01 MAY -    Khao San Road - Unique Bazaar
01 JUN -    Ekamai - It Used To Be Too Far
01 JUL -    Nightlife Pioneers
01 AUG -    The New Puritans
01 SEP -    Nana - On It's Own
01 OCT -    FAIL - War on Nitespot Drugs
01 NOV -    Patpong Unbroken
01 DEC -    Drugs & the Nightscene in History
- 2011 -
01 JAN -    Patpong's 'Glory Days'
01 FEB -    Nightlife In A Digital Age
01 MAR -    Co-Co Walk Plaza
01 APR -    Soi 33 Marches On
01 MAY -    Nightlife Permissiveness
01 JUN -    Ghosts of Nitelife Past
01 JUL -    STATE - The Cinema, Soi & Area
01 AUG -    Soi Darling
01 SEP -    Sri Nakarin South
01 OCT -    Soi 8 Reprise
01 NOV -    Floodless in Bangkok
01 DEC -    Soi Udomsuk

- 2010 -
01 JAN -    Street Bars II - The Triple-Dip
01 FEB -    Our Kind Of Art - II    - Chris Coles
01 MAR -    The Dead Artist Bars - Soi 33
01 APR -    "Soi Ginza" - Thaniya Road
01 MAY -    Night Scene Blues (Red Shirts 1)
01 JUN -    Nitespots Recover Slowly (Reds 2)
01 JUL -    World Cup Special
01 AUG -    Those Old Photos
01 SEP -    The German Invasion
01 OCT -    Racism & Prejudice
01 NOV -    Soi 11 Revisited
01 DEC -    Soi 22 Updater

- 2009 -
01 JAN -    The Santika Fire
01 FEB -    Salt & Pepper
01 MAR -    Nana Plaza - Update & Maps
01 APR -    Soi Nana Update
01 MAY -    The Nightscene & The Riots
01 JUN -    "19" Re-Focus
01 JUL -    Rain Dogs - The Underground
01 AUG -    Soi Thonglor - A bridge-too-far
01 SEP -    Ban Chang - Our Little Secret
01 OCT -    The "Ginza Effect'
01 NOV -    Royal City Avenue (RCA)
01 DEC -    Sutthisan & The Inthamara's

- 2008 -
01 JAN -    2007 - Looking Back
01 FEB -    Owning A Bar
01 MAR -    Expat's Bangkok
01 APR -    Nude Dancing
01 MAY -    After Midnite
01 JUN -    Night Scene In Flux
01 JUL -    Our Kind Of Art
01 AUG -    Trendy Plaza Reprise
01 SEP -    The Elephants Are ....Back
01 OCT -    Grand Prix Intro
01 NOV -    Grand Prix - Rick's Story
01 DEC -    "Old Bangkok Hand"

- 2007 -
01 JAN -    Bombs Blast Bangkok
01 FEB -    Bangkok's Nightscene Websites
01 MAR -    Prasitipol Dance Bar To Fall
01 APR -    Soi 5 Neon Review
01 MAY -    A Go-Go Bangkok
01 JUN -    Arise ! Soi 11
01 JUL -    Anatomy Of A Bar Area
01 AUG -    Soi 26 - Too Far ?
01 SEP -    Chuwit Guilty
01 OCT -    Daytime Nana Plaza
01 NOV -    Cowboy - All Of It
01 DEC -    Another Nitespot Area Falls

- 2006 -
01 JAN -    Pattaya Ascending
01 FEB -    A Go-Go Then & Now
01 MAR -    ' Madrid '
01 APR -    White Heat
01 MAY -    Politics & Nightlife
01 JUN -    Fagin's Bratpack
01 JUL -    King Bhumibol's 60th Anniversary
01 AUG -    Soi 10 - The Final Shaft
01 SEP -    Pattaya's Soi Bua Khow
01 OCT -    Rachada's Other Face
01 NOV -    Soi 22s Other Bars
01 DEC -    Soi Eden Goes A Go-Go

- 2005 -
01 JAN -    Asoke Plaza Crushed
01 FEB -    The 'Nana Scene'
01 MAR -    Asoke Plaza Smashed Again
01 APR -    Sukhumvit 1 Plaza 'Arrives'
01 MAY -    Welcome 'Soi Eden'
01 JUN -    Bangkok's Bareback Riders
01 JUL -    Soi 22 - A Macro View
01 AUG -    Nana's Slide
01 SEP -    Cowboy Street Scene
01 OCT -    The Pattaya Run
01 NOV -    Soi 19 In Focus
01 DEC -    Bad Girls

- 2004 -
01 JAN -    Bangkok's Darkest Year
01 FEB -    Where Is Trink ?
01 MAR -    Soi 33 Just Won't Stop
01 APR -    Cracks In The Crackdown
01 MAY -    In The Zone
01 JUN -    "Night-Scene Jumbos
01 JUL -    Easy Square 'On The Map'
01 AUG -    Soi 1 Entertainment Plaza
01 SEP -    Khlong Toey Revisited
01 OCT -    Koh Samui's Night Scene
01 NOV -    Soi 1 Opens
01 DEC -   The Bangkok Pub Scene

- 2003 -
01 JAN -    Cowboy Crackdown
01 FEB -    Sukhumvit Square Smashed
01 MAR -    Soi 10 Survivors
01 APR -    War & The Night Scene
01 MAY -    Entertainment Blues
01 JUN -    '13 Night Market' Reborn
01 JUL -    Clinton Plaza Falls
01 AUG -    Soi 24 Nightscene Review
01 SEP -    Does Soi Nana Measure Up?
01 OCT -    Patpong - Legend & Myth
01 NOV -    Easy Square 'Launched'
01 DEC -    Soi Cowboy Urine-Swoop

- 2002 -
01 FEB -    January: Big Changes In Bar Scene
09 JUN -    Sukhumvit Square 'Explosion'

20 JUN -    Soi 22's Queen's Park Plaza
01 JUL -    Clinton Plaza - Already Dead?
01 AUG -    Bar Beers Now "Major Players"
16 AUG -    July: Bar Beers Gaining Ground
01 SEP -    A Go-Gos A-building
17 SEP -    Virtual Bars
01 OCT -    A History In The Making
01 NOV -    Pool Bars Come Of Age
01 DEC -    November's Night Follies
15 DEC -    Genesis: Sukhumvit's Night Scene

01 JAN -    Seminal Survey -Paradisio Closes
- 2001 -

01 JAN -    Baccara opens in Cowboy
01 FEB -    Club Habanos Closes - PP1
01 MAR -    farang Connection Closes - Nana
01 APR -    Rock Hard BB Open - Clinton Pl.
01 MAY -    Las Vegas Opens - Cowboy
01 JUN -    'Wall Street' Opens - Soi 33
01 JUL -    Vixens Closes - Nana
01 AUG -    6 A Go-Go's Shut - Clinton Pl.
01 SEP -    Pussy Collection Opens - PP1
01 OCT -    Girl Friend Closes - PP1
01 NOV -    Rainbow III Opens - Nana
01 DEC -    White House Reopens - Clinton Pl.

- 2000 -

JAN -    'Cowboy Annex' Starts Up
FEB -    Agogo 2000 new at Nana
MAR -    Flowers - Clinton's 1st A Go-Go
APR -    Angel Witch new at Nana
MAY -    Dubliner now at Washington Sq
JUN -    Coco Loco opens at Clinton Pl.
JUL -    Bottoms Up new at Nana
AUG -    Crack House opens at Clinton Pl.
SEP -    Doll House / White House open at Clinton
OCT -    Rock Hard to open at Clinton Pl.
NOV -    Big Dogs opens at Nana
DEC -    Lolita opens in Cowboy Annex

- 1999 -

JAN -    Masquerade Closes @ Nana
FEB -    "Entertainment Plaza" Start-Up
MAR -    SuperStar is PP SuperBar !
APR -    Washington Square goes Critical
MAY-    New Klymaxx closes (Cowboy)
JUN -    'Wet Lips opens (Cowboy)
JUL -    Sam 2000 opens (Cowboy)
AUG -    Monica's opens (Clinton Plaza)
SEP -    Muzzik Cafe open on PP1
OCT -    No Probl'm now Cat's Meow
NOV -    Titty Twisters opens at Nana
DEC -    Londoner Brew Pub new on Soi 33
- 1998 -
JAN -    Nancy Bar opens on Floor 2, Nana
FEB -    Tabasco Charlies opens - (NEP)
MAR -    Cowboy 2 is a 'Pizzaria' - Soi Cowboy
APR -    New A Go Go Duck opens - Cowboy
MAY -    Raw Hide opens on Cowboy
JUN -    Para Disio opens - Floors 2 & 3 - NEP
JUL -    Patpong Cafe opens - PP2
AUG -    'Funny Girls' becomes 'Girlfriend' - PP1
SEP -    Masquerade opens on 3rd Floor - NEP
OCT -    Virgo opens on Cowboy
NOV -    Obsession, Beverly Hills, Red Lips open
DEC -    Lucifer Disko Tk opens atop Radio City

- 1997 -
JAN -    'Hot Rods' opens @ Nana
FEB -    Crazy Lady closes (Nana)
MAR -    3 Lounges closed - 'The Ramp'
APR -    Blue Sky Bar closes - PP1
MAY -    Crackdown at Nana
JUN -    Crystal Palace opens - PP2
JUL -    Limelight closes - PP1
AUG -    Rainbow II opens @ Nana
SEP -    Cowboy's Butterfly Gone
OCT -    Shadow drops Crazy Jack (Cowboy)
NOV -    Hollywood 2 now on 3rd Floor (NEP)
DEC -    Susies opens @ Buckskin Joe Village
- 1996 -
JAN -    Shooters opens on 3rd Floor (NEP)
FEB -    XTC Closes, then Reopens (NEP)
MAR -    Tapas back on line (Soi Katoey)
APR -    Long Gun expands (2X) [Cowboy]
MAY -    Apache reopens on 'The Boy'
JUN -    Pink Panther "upstairs" closes
JUL -    Iconic Mike's Place gone...
AUG -    Upstairs Touch Bar closes (PP1)
SEP -    Pharaoh opens in NEP carpark
OCT -    Spirit House opens in NEP
NOV -    Crazy Lady opens in NEP
DEC -    Long Gun 2 opens (now Rawhide)

- 1995 -
JAN -    PP1 Butterfly Closed
FEB -    Camelot Castle Opens
MAR -    NEPs Bubble Gum gone...
APR -    Tiny 'Imagine' Closed
MAY -    (Quietest month on record)
JUN -    NEPs Mon Cherie axed
JUL -    Play Skool opens (NEP)
AUG -    Opium Club new on The Ramp
SEP -    D.L Irish Pub (ex: Bamboo's)
OCT -    NEP 3rd Floor Opens
NOV -    Klymaxx 2 opens on Cowboy
DEC -    Chick's opens upstairs (PP1)
- 1994 -
- 1993 -
JAN -       -
FEB -       -
MAR -   Saloons - More Areas Added
APR -    Saloons -Adding "Nana"
MAY -    Red Diamond Closed
JUN -    Saloons - Tomatohead Closes
JUL -    Pretty Lady A Go Go
AUG -    Mars Party House closed
SEP -    Matterhorn & Star Pub
OCT -    Sawasdee Cocktail Lounge - New
NOV -    Thigh Bar name change
DEC -    Smile Club to open...
- 1990 -
JUN -   Buckskin Joe - Initial Survey

- 1989 -
01 JAN -    (Coming Soon)
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