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Bangkok Eyes notes with regret the passing of Fred Wunderlich, friend to all he met, man of a thousand facets, dark clown, manipulator of the outrageous, master of irony, king of the juxtaposition, chameleon, shepherd of fools, programmer, gamer, father, grandfather, dog wrangler, partner in crime, soldier, veteran, bunker-rock aficionado, husband, expatriate, single-malt puller, co-founder and webmaster of this site.   And, as of the 21st of February the world is a little darker.
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   Welcome - From Us

Welcome to the "About Us" page. Our group has decided to create and maintain an ongoing history, commentary and dialogue on the major Night Entertainment Venues that cater to 'Expat' residents and tourist here in Bangkok.   We have been going strong for 15 years, and the next 15 looks to be even more interesting.

While history of the Night Entertainment Scene goes back to at least the
17th Century, most of that history has been lost, or worse; never recorded.   The Internet provides a new and unique opportunity to both archive and disseminate historical data from the past -as may be available- and the ongoing history (as found in the Bangkok Eyes Maps & History, and Midnight Hour pages).

Bangkok Eyes has selected only the largest and most popular expat Night Entertainment Areas in Bangkok, as any such definitive listing -inclusive of all Nitespots in Bangkok- would be too large to maintain without employing full-time surveyors.

Readers are invited to contribute any item(s) of historical or other general interest , and once verified, could be included in subsequent editions.

Your comments are always welcome - please feel free to email any one of us on any relevant subject.

Happy surfing.

Bangkok Eyes /


   Mission Statement

Provide topical, up-to-date information on the major Night Entertainment Areas of interest to expatriate residents and visitors to Bangkok, Thailand.

Provide historical background on each of these major Night Entertainment Areas.

Provide movie reviews on films currently showing in Bangkok and in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Provide book reviews on books relevant to Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Provide other items of general interest and use to residents, visitors and/or potential visitors to Bangkok.

   Policy,   The Internet

Bangkok Eyes holds to the concept that the Internet is in the public domain and for public use.

Bangkok Eyes is independent of any affiliates, or sponsorship by outside or third parties or entities.   Bangkok Eyes does not PROMOTE individual Entertainment Areas or Venues, nor do we PROMOTE any specific types of entertainment venues or types of entertainment therein.   

It thereby follows that the publication of names of Entertainment Areas or Venues, or maps, or other descriptive text by Bangkok Eyes does not constitute ENDORSEMENT by Bangkok Eyes   Except as otherwise and explicitly written, Bangkok Eyes does not RECOMMEND Entertainment Areas and/or Venues mentioned in the website pages.

All reportage, maps, historical data, photographs, onward links, and reviews are provided for information purposes only.

Bangkok Eyes does not recommend, or guarantee type of content, or viewer satisfaction from, any website linked to, or any website having links on   Websites having links on were vetted by our staff prior to link placement, and their content and source reference(s) were found, at that juncture, to be in keeping with Bangkok Eyes policies.

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All Bangkok Eyes / material may be downloaded for personal viewing and use.

Other than for personal viewing and use, no other downloading, or storage, or application of Bangkok Eyes copyrighted material is authorized without prior written permission from Bangkok Eyes.    Any authorized use of Bangkok Eyes copyrighted material is conditional on attribution to Bangkok Eyes and/or for each usage.    Sale of or otherwise using Bangkok Eyes copyrighted material for commercial purposes or personal gain, is not authorized.

Material submitted to Bangkok Eyes without attribution will be assumed to be in the public domain, and may be used, at the discretion of Bangkok Eyes, on the web pages.

Attributed material submitted to Bangkok Eyes may be used, at the discretion of Bangkok Eyes, on the web page unless the author of the material expressly forbids its use.  Bangkok Eyes will show attribution of all such material used on the website.   Bangkok Eyes assumes no responsibility for publication of material on this website which has been falsely or inaccurately attributed by outside contributors.   Material appearing on website in good faith which has been falsely or inaccurately attributed will be removed from this website immediately on receipt of the request of the legal owner of said material.

As allowable and acceptable under 'fair use', Bangkok Eyes will excerpt and quote source material, and reproduce promotional photographs for movie reviews on the website pages.   Excerpted / reproduced media or material will be accredited by Bangkok Eyes.   Should any such usage be unacceptable to the ownerof said material, Bangkok Eyes, on receipt of verifiable notification, will immediately discontinue use of that material.

Bangkok Eyes is not a pornographic website, and does not solicit or receive pornographic materials or media, or requests for publication of same on this website.   Bangkok Eyes has not, nor will not authorize websites having pornographic, paedophilic or illegal content to link to website.

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Bangkok Eyes does not maintain any affiliated, mirror, or 'sister' websites or other media representations.

Bangkok Eyes is an entirely independent website.    Bangkok Eyes is staffed by volunteer persons and is sponsored by these selfsame private individuals, none of whom are remunerated for services rendered to  Their opinions are their own.

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