Yes Man ;       A  Narada Film Review

Yes Man - (2008)     Peyton Reed - Director   and  Richard D. Zanuck - Producer
  3.5   out of   5.0
   -  Perfect action - with imperfections...
      It takes a certain amount of Tinseltown hubris to brazenly push Yes Man on the public as a 'romantic comedy'.   Further, (FYI) Yes Man is touted as a "high concept" film (-and by that, the Feelm Industry means the producers are complacent enough to think the film will sell itself without having to pay attention plot, dialogue or casting.)   Here's to taking a mediocre, all-too typical American love-story formula and a mediocre comedic plot, and to making sure the entire production supports all that mediocrity in a resplendently mediocre fashion.   The plot of Yes Man is obviously just a shallow rethink of Jim Carrey's much more successful predecessor, Liar, Liar...   Is it just me, but if the producers are going to spend $50 million on a film (they did), why not spend an extra hundred thou and get a polished script?   (But I'm just sayin'...)
         There was, however, a spattering of great performances; foremost by Terence Stamp (although putting Stamp in a film like this is like taking an Aston Martin to a Volkswagen ralley).   Also Rhys Darby shone above the pack - proving he can play annoying personalities as well as, or better than, Mike Myers ever could (unless, of course they are actually the same person...).   At least, for the most part, Carrey spared us his Jerry Lewis idiot routines.
         A word to Director Peyton Reed - product placements are meant to be subliminal - when they are shoved up your nose, they, and the film, can quickly become horrifically annoying (who really needs to see what mineral water the celebs are drinking?)   Say, here's an idea - why not fund a film the old fashioned way and not have to depend on product placements - and all their attendant vulgarity?   (But, I'm just sayin'....)
         A steep price to pay at the Bangkok box office for a couple of good laughs, especially if you go to see the digital version.... which, for some reason, is more expensive than good old fashioned reels.
     LEAST  Enduring Line or Phrase:  "Yes."

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