X-MEN  3 : THE   LAST  STAND ;   A  Narada Film Review

X-Men 3 - 2006     Brett Ratner - Director  and  Avi & Ari Arad - Producer
   2.0  out of   5.0
   -  Just scraping by...
      Although we refrain from reading other reviews, we were unable to avoid being force-fed the opening day box-office take.   And once again, we got suckered in - hey, if X-MEN 3 : THE LAST STAND is really that big, maybe, just maybe, they have exceeded themselves and made something that is a quantum-level above the first two.   Fool us once, your 'bad', fool us three times - we must be idiots.   In the Army in Vietnam in the 1960's, they used to say, "If you can't dazzle them with footwork, baffle them with B.S."   And until X-MEN 3, no one thought of doing both.
            Before I lost track, I counted ten special effects companies in the X-MEN 3 credits.   -Twenty years ago, entire films didn't have as many credits as these SFX contractors have today.   But then, Hollywood is hopelessly caught up in the "American Way", which is "more is better".   Well, if more SFX is better, then the last Star Wars III and Matrix III would have been instant classics.   As it is, they were duds - enter X-MEN 3 stage right.   Could it be that it's time Hollywood woke up and realized that Special Effects-driven films are no longer automatic 'winners'?   A quiet word to Director Ratner, "As with art, entertainment isn't sold by the pound."
         When a film has a single superhero, it is comparatively easy to have him go through his fantastic paces, but when you stir in several superheroes, the problems go up exponentially - whose mutant powers are stronger under which conditions?"   In this sense, X-MEN 3 exceeded itself - in a way it had no way of controlling.   There were more superheros with more different superpowers than you could shake a stick at.   It beame so obscenely funny, we in the audience started coming up with mutant superheros of our own.   In the end, X-MEN 3 became Dial-A-Mutant - anything the Director wanted to do to move the plot along, all he had to do was introduce a new mutant that had that power.   How laughable....
         X-MEN 3 : THE LAST STAND, indeed.   Oh, how we wish it were true - in actual fact, only three of the main mutants died, and either one or two, depending how you count, came back to life again.   Keerist - they were even coming back to life after the credits ran (really...).   We should expect X-MEN 3.5 to come out late next year, if my guess counts for anything....
     LEAST  Enduring Line or Phrase:  "....dickhead !"


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