TWO WEEKS NOTICE   - A  Narada   Film Review

   SANDRA BULLOCK as Lucy Kelson   
    HUGH GRANT as George Wade      
Two Weeks Notice -  2002   - Marc D Lawrence - Director  &  Sandra Bullock Producer

  Reviewed 18 February 2003   TWO WEEKS NOTICE is fatally flawed to the extent it needs special terms to describe it.  For example, the style of comedy here can best be called 'soft slapstick', however I fear giving it a name at all is to dignify it beyond any sense of proportion.  Hugh Grant plays the wealthy playboy George Wade, and wastes no time attempting to convince the audience that, "Hey, I may be dirty-rich, frivolous in the extreme and totally irresponsible, but I'm funny and loveable." Sorry Hugh, it didn't work this time; we've seen your cutsie self-effacing silliness before.  In fact, Hugh, this movie defines you once, and for all, as a one-trick-pony.  For lack of a term, lets call Hugh's style of comedic delivery "smarmsie".   This reviewer seriously doubts that Grant will ever act in a major film again.
       Sandra Bullock both acts in, and produces TWO WEEKS NOTICE.  As an actress, she is among the top three in comedic performance, and here, she successfully maintains her rough-around-the-edges, almost-beautiful, almost-sexy persona.   However, as Producer, she should have seen that taking Hugh Grant leftovers from Notting Hill and serving them up in an I Love Lucy silly-patter format wouldn't work. Oh, and Sandra, we don't give a rat's backside about your politics, so if you have strong feelings one way or the other about Bush, call him and tell him.
       The entire story, front-to-back, including the ending, is known five minutes into the film. As soon as protest-lawyer Lucy Kelson sees construction magnate George Wade's picture on the cover of Fortune magazine, the outcome is foregone.  I watched this film in Bangkok's Scala Theater, and despite the lack of content in TWO WEEKS NOTICE, it was an enjoyable experience.  One of the last of Bangkok's large, old, grand movie houses, its a pleasure just to sit there and eat popcorn for an hour and a half, out of the tropical afternoon heat.   I'll warn you in advance, though, they won't give you your money back, no matter how bad the film was.
      Enduring Line or Phrase:  "...its time for ice cream, and here comes the topping..."

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