LOST  IN  TRANSLATION    -  A  Narada Film Review

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   as Bob Harris
Lost In Translation - 2003   - Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu -Director  &  Producer
    While I fully understand that this is not the traditional way to do things in Hollywood, if it's not too late, could we change the title of LOST IN TRANSLATION to something more relevant, such as LOST IN ENNUI ?  This would also protect the studio from the myriad lawsuits coming its way for gross premeditated intent to deceive, and conspiracy to bilk moviegoers worldwide through false advertising.  Regrettably, this is yet another example of Hollywood hyping the works of one of it's own favorite sons and daughters in an effort to perpetuate the sham-of-shams we have come to know as "The Oscars".  The movie itself is not worth reviewing, however I feel I owe my regular readers something in the way of a 'public service announcement' - it could, after all, save them 120 Baht at the box office.
         While capturing Tokyo's phrenetic pop-cult psycho-fashion nightlife extravaganza in fine fashion, Director Sofia Coppola lets the rest get away.  She decides instead to make the ultimate "chick flick".  The only known reason for going to a chick-flick, however, is if you are just starting to date someone new, and you are not into either Viagra or ecstasy.  There's always a chance that a chick flick will assist you in your efforts to get lucky.  Other than that, you need to decide to walk out before the halfway point.  Many people fail to stand up and walk out of a film before that magical 'point of no return', because they think that if they just bear with it, something will actually happen.  This is an unrealistic expectation - because, in a word, it won't.
         LOST IN TRANSLATION is an idealized Platonic relationship, just like we had to put up with in high school in the '50's.  It brims with 'warmth', hugs, cuddles and cute things, and even has a tearful goodbye.  It is, however, entirely asexual - what every woman sometimes pretends she wants.  Bill Murray is the stooge for all this and because of his sterling PC conduct, has been nominated for an Oscar.  He hits the nadir of his career when he has a midlife crisis in a Japanese hotel bathtub while talking on the phone to his wife - he wants to change his life by not eating pasta.  I mention this because it was the highpoint of the film.  (You were warned...)
      LEAST Enduring Line or Phrase:  "Hi."

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