THE ONE     - A Narada Film Review
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Action Shots From THE ONE, Starring Jet Li, Directed by James Wong, Produced by Glen Morgan

    Yes, it is possible to be your own worst enemy.   THE ONE is a Science Fiction thriller which explores travel to parallel Universes.   Here, the mechanics are much the same as in time travel.   Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li) discovers too late that one of his alter-personnas from another Universe has been illegally travelling to each of the other 123 Universes, and has murdered each of those Multiverse counterparts.   The reason?   Each time one of them dies, the surviving Yulaw counterparts gain proportionately in physical and mental strength.   There is a flaw in this plotline, however - and the viewer will have to be on his toes to catch it.   The killer Yulaw has now killed off all except the Yulaw of this Universe, and is now planning to take care of this last loose end.   Once our Yulaw is dead, the killer Yulaw will be "The One".   -But there is another reason he wants to be "The One", a much more compelling and sinister reason, to be sure.
      Superb martial arts. Superb editing. Great 'Matrix'-like special effects. However, even with all this going for it, the film is hard to follow for all who are not hardcore sci-fi buffs. For those fanatics who can follow the plot, there's not much new meat to chew on.   
       Also starring Delroy Lindo as 'Roedecker' and Carla Gugino as 'TK', both of whom give creditable performances.

       Enduring Line Or Phrase:   "That's the one."

  Reviewed by Narada for Bangkok Eyes - 29 January 2002

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