STAR WARS - EPISODE 2     - A Narada Film Review
Hot action in STAR WARS II   ENDLESS PUPPY LOVE   Hot action in STAR WARS
STAR WARS - EPISODE II , Directed ,Produced, and Screenplay written by, George Lucas .

      Viewed On 26 May 2002 .
      George Lucas' latest attempt to create a future Romeo & Juliette to a backdrop of intergalactic adventure has not worked well.    Young Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen) and Padmé Amidala (Natalie Portman) suffer from endless puppy-love for the entire film - to the point of incredulity and boredom.    Skywalker comes off as an insufferable and rebellious adolescent - revealing NONE of the qualities of the up-and-coming Jedi warrior that is someday meant to save the Galaxy.
      Yes, I said "boredom" - and this should never happen - even in a good "B-Flick".    And George Lucas has no one to blame but himself on this one, having produced, directed and written the screenplay.    Dialogue is trite and clichéd from start to finish, and we ask ourselves, "Why?" - there was certainly no shortage of time or money since the first Episode... I think its time Lucas got out of the screenplay business, he can well afford to hire someone who knows how to write.
      Another thing that should never happen - and is happening more and more these days in Hollywood productions - is the special effects should never be the element of the film that carries the day.    Lucas should be thankful he has the best SFX in the business, for without it, this film wouldn't have even shown up on the radar screen.
      Another thing that should never happen - which is happening more and more - is action-adventure films are virtually glossing over the plot and hoping the fast pace of the action and the suspending of disbelief will keep the viewer rivetted to his or her seat.    Not that Star Wars II had a weak plot - its just that Lucas has done a poor job of storytelling by sacrificing plot for action and much needless babble regarding interpersonal relationships.
      Another thing that should never happen is a to-be-continued saga should never leave the audience unsatisfied.  It happened to a lesser extent with the first installment to Lord of the Rings, and to a greater extent here.    The Episode we are watching should naturally flow into the next and future Episode, but more importantly, should also come to a close - as a separate episode.    Star Wars II fails us here, too.
      Star Wars have lost their sparkle.   Lucas will have to do something very different if he wants to pull the series back up into the Superflick catagory.

       LEAST Enduring Line Or Phrase:   I hate it when he does that.

  Reviewed by Narada for Bangkok Eyes - 26 May 2002

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