SPY KIDS II The Island of Lost Dreams,     - A    Narada    Film Review

   ALEXA VEGA  as  Carmen Cortez  
   DARYL SABARA  as Juni Cortez 
    DARYL SABARA  as Juni Cortez    
    confronts the 
    ''Spider Monkey'' monster     
   ANTONIO BANDERAS  as  Gregorio Cortez   
   CARLA GUGINO  as wife Ingrid   
   ALEXA VEGA  as  Carmen Cortez
   DARYL SABARA  as kid brother Juni
SPY KIDS II - Robert Rodriguez -Producer/Director/Screenplaywrite

  Reviewed 16 Sep 2002       First of all, the postulated psychological disorder coined by this reviewer, "Little God Syndrome" is yet to have an exception to the rule.    Spy Kids II's Producer, Director and 'Screenplaywrite' Robert Rodriguez truly believes in his own omnipotence; believing he can do more than one thing well.    Alas, this is not, nor will it ever come to pass.
       Nevertheless, if we are to judge Spy Kids II solely on its ability to entertain the 7 to 12 year-old set, we would have to admit it has succeeded.   Robert Rodriguez, obviously has kids of his own; he has keyed in on everything children of all ages eagerly revel in; a mystery island, a mad scientist, monsters, neat gadgets, secret things, the ability to fly, telepathy, grossness, impossibly fun theme park rides, you name it.    A typical child-devil moviegoer is thrilled, scared, made to laugh, and is taught by example - "right from wrong"; "good from evil".   That said, Rodrigues' megadose of "family values" was enough to make any sentient adult vomit in his popcorn.    But I guess this heavy-handedness either didn't register with the movie-going Satan-spawn, or they just had stronger stomachs.
       While keeping child movie-goers more than a little amused, Spy Kids II does little for the adult audience.    A few good belly-laughs are about it, although I noted the adult Thai audience seemed to enjoy it as much as their rampaging 'Damiens'.
       Any movie even attempting to entertain us with 11 year-olds' romances ought to be turned into the morals police.    I'm as broad-minded as the next person, but this pre-teen romance theme is as inappropriate as an hippopotamus in a tutu.
       LEAST Enduring Line Or Phrase:   "...picking your nose."
2002, Bangkok Eyes / bangkokeyes.com

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