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   as Marv
  as Nancy Callahan   .
  as That Yellow Bastard  .
Sin City - 2005     Frank Miller & Robert Rodriguez - Directors  & Producers
   4.5  out of   5.0
   - As good as cinematic efforts
   are likely to get any time soon .
       Author Frank Miller (-whose background in hard-ass graphic arts goes back to the 1980's, and includes kudos such as co-creator of RoboCop and creator of Hellboy -just for starters)- describes the making of SIN CITY as, "My dream come true".   But not only did he write SIN CITY, he co-directed and co-produced the movie with Robert Rodriguez.   And then a strange thing happened - someone decided to invite Quentin Tarantino to the party.   This is quite impossible to fathom, seeing that it was people like Miller who created Tarantino in the first place.   Another way of saying the same thing - who really cares one dollop whether Tarantino was third, or fourth, teat on the boar-hog?    But Miller's / Rodriguez jobs as directors couldn't have been that hard - the novels WERE the storyboards.   Rodrigues contribution was the expert weaving of the first three graphic novels into a single multifaceted production.
         Casting couldn't have been better, or closer to the characters in the novels.   And to say that the character of Marv resurrected Mickey Rourke would be preaching to his very large choir - he hasn't been this good -or perfect for the part- since Wild Orchid.   It will be interesting to see if Rodrigues has what it takes to keep the cast together for Sin City 2 (2006) and Sin City 3 (2008) - if he doesn't, he loses.    Frank Miller's Sin City (actually Basin City) is impossible to synopsise in anthing less than 3,000 words, and is a thinly disguised extrapolation of Los Angeles' black underbelly - unless you are from Chicago, or unless you are from New York, or....,
         But ultimately, all the "behind the scenes" details - or even the book that spawned the film - have absolutely nothing to do with 'entertainment' in it's purest form.   In the final analysis, after seeing the film, did you see it again?   Did you go out and buy the SIN CITY graphic novels?   Did you buy the DVD for the personal archives?   Did you discuss it at length with friends?    If so, then SIN CITY has succeeded in "entertaining" at the highest level.
      Enduring Line or Phrase:  "Your coat looks like Baghdad, so's your face - take off !"

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