Shoot 'Em Up;       A  Narada Film Review

Shoot 'Em Up - (2007)     Michael Davis - Director  and  Don Murphy - Producer
   1.0   out of   5.0
   -  Watch it on a Panthip DVD if you must ...
      What would happen if you tried to make a movie that was deep Noir, and then you decide to stir in 'Hard-Boiled', and then you decide to make it 'Campy', and then you decide you would add in a little tongue-in-cheek cynicism to a backdrop of 'Graphic-Novel-Brought-To-The-Silver-Screen', and for good measure stir in a little Black Humor, and then make a run for the World's Record number of gunshots in a single motion picture, and then, well, you get the idea.   -But just in case you don't get the idea, think : "Mulligan stew".
         Of course, if you have a preposterous plot - it always helps to disguise it with preposterous action.   And then to prove that you are a Director who can do whatever you damn-well please, and you don't give a crap what people will think, you can then do a miserable job of casting.
         The most tragically miscast, however, was the perennial embarrassment Paul Giamatti, who will continue to be hopelessly miscast until they do a remake of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.   In Shoot 'Em Up, he plays the part of Hertz, the Kingpin of a gang that murders babys and pregnant women - WOOPS, I almost said too much - this review could have become a 'Spoiler' !   Why, I could have ruined it for you.....ahennnnh...
         To give you an idea of how ridiculous a film can be and still be allowed to be shown in public, gangster Hertz hires 50 hoods to hunt down and kill Smith (Clive Owen) and the newborn Baby Oliver, with whom he has been leaping tall buildings and charging through plate glass windows.   Smith was able to kill 67 of them (not a typo) in the next fifteen minutes, while still carrying the baby - but had to stop because there was a US Senator he had to shoot.   Or am I giving away too much again here?   Go ahead, ask me what I really think about the film....
         Then Director Michael Davis decides that he will add in a little tasteless and entirely gratuitous necrophilia, thereby winning a bet with Producer Don Murphy that he would actually do it, even if it meant disgracing both their names forever in Hollywood.   Hey, it worked - neither of these two will ever work in Tinsel-Town again - all the major studios have put up Wanted Dead or Alive posters with their mugshots on them.
       Enduring Line or Phrase:  "What is that?  ......Oh, my God, that's twisted !"

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