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SAW - 2004   - James Wan-Director & Lark Bernini -Producer
        What is it with Danny Glover?   Why is Hollywood treating him like some washed-up, over-the-hill prizefighter?   We know that Marlon Brando stepped in it bigtime with his remark about Jews in Hollywood, and very nearly never worked again, but Danny Glover must have done something much worse, he must have been a very, very bad boy to have been forced participate in SAW.   Nevertheless, Glover did serve a purpose - he was a reminder to the cash-customer audiences that SAW was supposed to be a real movie - if it weren't for him and a relative unknown, Ken Leung, audiences would not have stepped across the 'credibility barrier' and would have stormed back out of theaters demanding their money back.   
         When watching a movie of this genre, however, it is sometimes easier than others to spot the director's telltale signs that it's not necessarily what's "up front" and in our faces, but rather the subtlties, allegories and other 'parallels' in real life that are the true grist of the film.   In SAW, we need to look past the improbable plot, storyline faults and contradictions, poor acting and even worse dialog - to see that what we really have here is a film of improbable plot, storyline faults and contradictions, poor acting and even worse dialog.   
         Hollywood has launched the largest manhunt in their long and tawdry history - a dragnet has been thrown across Southern California and wanted posters have been nailed up across Los Angeles and Orange County.   A reward of $300,000 dollars has been put up for information - any information - which would lead to the arrest of SAW's Director James Wan or Producer Lark Bernini.   It goes without saying that neither will ever set foot on a studio lot again in their lifetimes.
         This reviewer has often been criticized for repeating the maxim; 'The only source of disappointment is unrealistic expectations' - so maybe I need to say the same thing in a different way - "If you have NO expectations when you go to watch SAW, you won't be disappointed".
      LEAST Enduring Line or Phrase:  "He never killed anyone."

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