LORD OF THE RINGS     - A Narada Film Review
             Elihah Wood is FRODO                  The Fellowship make their way.                  Bilbo Baggins examines ''his'' RING
FRODO & friend spy Arcs on the move.   Still From LORD OF THE RINGS   Gandalf will not dissuade this THING easily,
Stills From LORD OF THE RINGS, Helmed by Peter Jackson

    In that so many have seen  LORD OF THE RINGS  at least twice (the reviewer included), the number of tickets sold far exceeds the number of people who have gone to see it.     Although true to the book, one need not be a "follower" to thoroughly enjoy all 3 hours of it (2:58 to be exact).    The word "Epic" comes to mind.   Elijah Wood (Frodo), Ian Holm (Bilbo Baggins), Ian McKellan (Gondolf the Sorcerer) are major players in an adventure that takes us on a majestic, dangerous, wondrous, bloody, enchanting and brutal journey through a land that time - to our regret - has long forgotten.    The special effects and native New Zealand are not just eye-opening, they are breathtakingly stunning.    In other words, do not, repeat NOT wait to view it on video - it will be to your very great loss.
       This is no mere "HARRY POTTER".    HARRY POTTER was like Santa Clause, ....children wanted to believe.   In "THE RING" there is a running, visceral undercurrent whispering that EVIL lurks in this world, and that it may not be ignored.   And this message is not just for the kids - it is a real-world message to adults as well. - Or perhaps to adults in particular.   It is exciting as it is beautiful as it is terrifying.    --Enough superlatives - grab your keys and walk out the door - tickets are going fast.

       Enduring Line Or Phrase:   "(Several - not enough space here !)"

  Reviewed by Narada for Bangkok Eyes - 5 February 2002

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