Resident Evil  - Extinction;       A  Narada Film Review

Resident Evil - (2007)     Russell Mulcahy - Director  and  Paul W.S. Anderson - Producer
   1.0   out of   5.0
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   There's something I have been meaning to ask Hollywood for a long time - if you kill a Zombie who is 'undead', does he 'die', or does he just become more 'undead'?   Yes, that's right, folks, Resident Evil - Extinction is yet another zombie flick.   And the world is ending again.    - yawn -   It's films like these that drive people to buy pirated DVD's - so that they can cut their losses.
         And while I am asking questions, I would like to ask why, in Resident Evil - Extinction, all the bad guys, all the guys who are in control of what remains of Earth, are Englishmen?   Was there a second Revolutionary War that we don't know about, where England takes back America?   Or was there just a sale on British actors down at the Screen Actor's Guild hiring hall in Irvine that week?
         This may be a watershead zombie flick, however, because every zombie movie made over the last 50 years has had one little sub-plot twist, or some small quirk that caused it to stick out in memory at least until one departed the theater.   Not so, Resident Evil - this was the first zombie film in history that was made up of absolutely nothing except re-hashed zombie flicks of the past.   And, I have a dream, a Pollyannaish dream, but a dream, nevertheless.   Because this zombie flick actually bored so many viewers into a state of 'undead', I dream it will be the last zombie flick ever made.   In that sense, and that sense only, the film will have notched a place in cinematographic history, and I will someday be able to tell my grandchildren, with an overwhelming sense of relief, that, "I saw the last zombie flick, - that I watched the genre die with my own eyes".....
         An entirely out-of-touch Russell Mulcahy (Director) quite obviously perceived that his mission in life was to overtly stuff Resident Evil down our throats as a lesson on the the terrors of fooling with genetics, mutant viruses....   How scintillating, how original, how profound....!   All that can be said at this point is the film was so long, so tedious, I got to hoping the zombies would win; putting humanity out of it's misery once and for all.   The only terrifying part was the ending - when the poor viewer realized it wasn't an ending at all - it was just the prelude to the next sequel.   Now, that's enough to strike terror into the heart of any movie critic.
     LEAST  Enduring Line or Phrase:  ".....but I was wrong....I am the future ! "

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