PIZZAMAN   - A  Narada   Film Review

Pizzaman    - Gyorgy Balogh - Hungary - 2001

  Reviewed 11 Jan 03      
       Not to be confused with Pizza Man (1991) or The Pizza Man (1999), or even A Tip For The Pizzaman , this film, Pizzaman is also known as "Pizza" in the US.  I take that back, its OK to be confused; all you have to remember is THIS  Pizzaman is the Hungarian one - it will have English subtitles.   And just to clarify, or confuse the issue further, this Pizzaman is based loosely on the Pizza Man of 1991.  I won't have to ask you to remember the film itself - you will - without being asked.
       Pizzaman (the pizza man's name in the movie) and his equally strange pal work at a pizza restaurant as delivery boys.  The two continually regale one another with the bizarre, sometimes freaky encounters they have while making deliveries.   Pizzaman is also an amateur handy cam video freak - so much so, that he sees, or at least believes he sees the episodes of his life as brief, home-made videos (which he surreptitiously watches in his vintage Ford Mustang while making pizza deliveries throughout Budapest).  This strangely amusing 'presentation' is one of many well-handled, sometimes subtle, special effects.  
       At first, the viewer cannot discern the direction Pizzaman (the movie) is taking, but doesn't particularly mind, because of a visceral delight in the production itself.  It's only later that we come to see that this film is a (most unusual) romantic comedy, where the guy finally gets the girl.  Or is it the other way around?    And which girl?    Catch it while it is here.
      Enduring Line or Phrase:  1. "Couldn't you just read my pizza ?"
2. "Love starts as a match flame; we either blow it out or light someone on fire."
3. "I learned a lot on that escalator ride."


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