NEMESIS  - STAR TREK   - A  Narada   Film Review

Nemesis - Star Trek -  2002   - Stuart Baird-Director   &   Rick Berman-Producer

  Generally suspicious of all 'sequels', and not being a Trekkie myself, I didn't trust my own judgment on this, the latest Star Trek movie.   I thought it best to view NEMESIS in the company of a buddy who IS a Trekkie , and has been since he was young enough for that kind of nonsense to be tolerated, if not understood.   As we walked out of the theater, he tipped his box of popcorn back, gulping down the last few half-popped kernels, and said, "Not so hot."
       'Not so hot.' indeed.  For those protected few of you who have never been bored to tears by Trekkie ravings, that translates as, "BOMB ".   Other Trekkies have since told me that NEMESIS violated the Prime Directive , violated simple laws of physics, and even made Commander Data too green.   But even if you are a non-Trekkie infidel like myself, there is still plenty to be disgusted with.
        NEMESIS' special effects belie the word 'special'; under-whelming to the extent it should have been made for TV.  Also. in the 'climactic' battle scene, being exactly like all previous ones, the Enterprise is once again toasted to within a horsehair of destruction.  Reflect a moment - either no one ever dies in Star Trek battles, or they never honor their fallen comrades.  Having said that, Commander Data does "die" this time.  --And the crew of the Enterprise goes through perhaps the silliest mourning scene ever set to celluloid, standing around the water cooler waxing sentimentally.   Data is a robot, -- build another one. (Or did someone forget to back-up their Data ?)    By the end of the film, everyone is getting married or reassigned -- and we find Captain Picard staring into the middle distance, smiling nostalgically as he realizes they've come to the end of an era.  We pray Producer Rick Berman sees it that way too.   Don't go see this movie.  I mean it; put your hands where I can see them, and step awaaaay from the ticket booth!   Now, take a hike !   And don't let me catch you hanging around the theater until NEMESIS has gone.  
      LEAST Enduring Line or Phrase:  "I remember the first time I saw Data...."

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