MEN  IN  BLACK  II     - A    Narada    Film Review

   Agents J (Will Smith)  
   and K (Tommy Lee Jones)  .      
   Hollywood's biggest
   celebrity dog Mushu  
   as ''Frank''
    Agents J and K with 
    Hoovers and musical   
    instruments for 
    weapons ?.
Men In Black II - Laurie Mac Donald, Producer ,    Barry Sonnenfeld, Director

  Reviewed 25 July 2002           Is Men In Black II a shameless, in-your-face rip-off of the original Men In Black?    Yes.    Do I say this because the only difference between the original and this retread is the faces of the "bad" aliens?    Yes.    Have Agents "J" (Will Smith) & "K" (Tommy Lee Jones) space-age weapons become more Ghostbuster-like, and even started resembling Hoover vaccuum cleaners and clarinets and other musical instruments?   Yes.   Does Tommy Lee Jones look like he needs to be rushed to the nearest ICU for emergency plastic surgery on the bags under his eyes?   Yes -unless circumcising his eyes would be quicker.    Does Will Smith keep using the old Vaudeville "double-take" until you actually turn away in embarrassment?    Yes -earning him a Narada Cringe Factor of 10.0.    Does Director Sonnenfeld hope against hope that MIB II will be carried along by its superb special effects?   Yes -and it works to a degree.    Does MIB II add absolutely nothing to the genre of Science Fiction?   Yes, it does add ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.   Is it absolutely impossible to believe that there is enough 'juice' left in this concept for a sequel, but they will probably make another one anyway?   Yes.
            Is Mushu (the dog) as "Frank" the only thing that redeemed this movie from the Furnaces of Hell?    Yes.   Is this the funniest movie -so far- of the season?   Yes.    Do you have to go out and see it, even though you could tell that all of the above was true from the previews?   Yes.    Is the reason I say this because what we are really talking about is entertainment, and MIB II delivers in spades?   Yes.

        Enduring Line Or Phrase:   " Who let the dogs out? Woof, woof, woof. "

Reviewed by Narada for Bangkok Eyes - 25 July 2002

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