THE  MATRIX - REVOLUTIONS    -  A  Narada Film Review

  CARRIE-ANNE MOSS as Trinity   
   as Neo - fights the   
   multiple Mr Smith   
   A piece of heavy equipment   
   you will all want for    
The Matrix Revolutions (3) - 2003   -Larry & Andy Wachowski-Director & Joel Silver-Producer
   O.K., if no other movie critic has the cojones to come right out and say it, I will.  The first Matrix was fantastic, with original, trend-setting special effects and a plot derivative of the old Tron, where the line between the virtual world and the real world had become blurred.
        The second iteration of The Matrix paled only slightly - again, with trend-setting special effects.  It was this Matrix II, though, where Trans-Sequel-Deterioration began to set in - things started to unravel.  We were 'treated' to more pseudo-occult dialog than could be assimilated in a single viewing.  --But we, the moviegoing public, forgave them, knowing in our hearts that in MIII they would explain at least the 'why' of all the quasi-religious philosophizing, and resolve such things as -- the real function and fates of the Architect, the Oracle, the Frenchman, etc.  
         Alas, it wasn't to be.  The third MATRIX continued almost unabated with it's sophomoric pronounciamentos .  An example; "Karma is like saying what I am here to do..."  Please, gentlemen, I haven't heard such schlock since my hippy girlfriend took up Tarot reading in 1969.  Enough, already.  And the new MATRIX REVOLUTIONS special effects that were hyped to be the best thing since Cold Fusion?  (Yes, these selfsame special effects that the Wachowski Bros. had the conceit and hubris to lay claim to being the most expensive special effects EVER - the final scene costing more than the first Matrix film itself.)  Wow, guys.  The special effects were elaborate, but after 20 minutes, nonstop - of the EXACT same thing- the audience was in sensory overload, and it might as well have been an Atari arcade shooter game.
         The movie, thank Heavens, finally ends, but with Neo's fate still unresolved, the Oracle and the Architect still at odds, and a shaky, entirely meaningless peace treaty between the remaining humans and The Machines.  Which is to say, it didn't end.  Nevertheless, the Wachowski Bros swore it did end, and that THE MATRIX would not become a quadrilogy.  If the Wachowskis break their promise, this will be grounds for a bloody, no-holds-barred class-action suit.
      Enduring Line or Phrase:  "No one can see beyond a choice they don't understand."
2003,    Bangkok Eyes /      

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