LEGALLY   BLONDE  2    -  A  Narada Film Review

  SALLY FIELD  as    
  Congresswoman Rudd   
   as Elle Woods
   Sid the doorman...
Legally Blonde 2 - 2003   --Director & Marc Platt-Producer
    Viewed on 13 OCT 03     With LEGALLY BLONDE 2 - Red White & Blonde, Bangkok audiences now have a real, honest-to-goodness Hollywood film for everyone!  Everyone less than 10 years old in need of a regrettably patronizing 'social studies' lesson, that is.  However, if you are older than 10 years, you would be well advised to find something a little more mature, a little less pandering to the emotions , and a lot less gratingly cutesy.
         WARNING: read on only if you have a particularly strong stomach.  Among the high-cringe-factor scenes:    Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon) has a private, meaningful talk with Abraham Lincoln's statue (I warned you - this isn't going to be pretty....),    The repeated on-screen revelation that gay dogs also have meaningful relationships (, I'm not making this up),    Elle announcing to the senior partners of her law firm that, "We are lawyers and we fight for justice...",    A highly relevant conversation in the park with a congressman about scented doggie-poop bags (I'm not finished yet....),    A pivotal scene where a Elle has a conversation about her wedding dress -which the entire audience just dying to know about- which concludes with her riotous riposte, "I guess I don't need a scalloped trim on the outer hoop rim."
         If it weren't for comparatively brilliant performances by Sally Field (Congressperson Rudd) and Bob Newhart (Sid), the celluloid used in the production of LEGALLY BLONDE 2 film reels would be fit only for recycling into scented doggie-poop bags.
         Unlike some movies, LEGALLY BLONDE 2 gave proper tribute to the story it stole: -half way through the film, we see Elle Woods watching Mr Smith Goes To Washington on TV.  However, if Director Charles Herman-Wurmfeld thought this would be enough to assuage the ghost of Jimmy Stewart, he need only put one ear to the ground to hear Stewart's corpse spinning and thrashing wildly against the sides of its casket.  With LEGALLY BLONDE 2, Director Herman-Wurmfeld has sealed his own Karma - he will be reborn a 'carnie', shovelling elephant manure in a circus, just to be able to say he is still in 'show business'...
        LEAST Enduring Line or Phrase:  "We're lawyers and we fight for justice..."
2003,    Bangkok Eyes /      

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