KILL BILL Vol. 1    -  A  Narada Film Review

   UMA THURMON, who, remarkably,   
   remains nameless, even though   
   her name is spoken twice,   
   wields some steel-edged revenge   
    KILL BILL VOL 1      
    Poster outtake   
    VIVICLA A FOX, a fox whose  
    number is up way too early .....
KILL BILL Vol. 1 - 2003   -Quentin Tarantino-Director  &   Lawrence Bender-Producer
    With KILL BILL, action oriented Special Effects have finally reached their ultimate objective.  We've seen it coming for a long time - films becoming more and more dependent on Special Effects to carry the day, maintaining viewer interest where plots were weak or failing.  -One should not underestimate the number of such failed films that have been brought back from the Abyss of Oblivion through the use of Special Effects: -the last mega-budgetted Star Wars being a prime example among the hundreds.
         Until KILL BILL came along, however, The Matrix reigned supreme in that category.  In that trilogy, we were strung along in the first two segments with some of the most outstanding Special Effects the world has ever seen - all the while forgiving them for the myriad plot dangles and discrepancies because we mistakenly believed they were going to make good on them in the final installment.  The final installment provided no such satisfaction, nor did it even try.  It did, however smother the screen with more and better and faster and stronger Special Effects.
        But with KILL BILL, we are seeing this Special Effects perversion of modern cinema taken to its ultimate extension.  Quentin Tarantino's talent, savant at best, is to recognize that human nature is hopelessly, endlessly, fascinated with Gore and Revenge in equal portions.  In KILL BILL, Director Tarantino dabbles from time to time with storytelling, but without benefit of a story.  Instead, Revenge unashamedly substitutes for plot, becoming the film's raison d'Ítre, and its sole engine of self-perpetuation.  Plot?  We don' need no steenking plot!  Tarantino wisely obviates criticism in this regard by once again slathering on the Special Effects, The Special Effect of choice in this instance being blood-spraying.  Not only does he cover the plot problems, he often covers entire sets with spraying blood - hey, if a relatively small amount of blood can unnerve the viewer, just think of what gallons of the stuff can do!  
        Oh, and someone please mention to Uma Thurmon she has ugly feet.
      Enduring Line or Phrase:  "...your Mommy had it coming."

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