MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING   - A  Narada   Film Review

  JOHN CORBETT as Ian, &   
  GIA CARIDES as Nikki
   JOHN CORBETT as Ian,  
   the happy groom, and    
   NIA VARDALOS as Toula,     
   the happy bride.   
   NIA VARDALOS as Toula,  
   checks the mirror before    
   the Greek wedding. .
My Big Fat Greek Wedding   - Joel Zwick-Director  Tom Hanks-Producer

  Reviewed 3 Dec 2002        Most people don't know this, but the Producers & Directors Guild of Cinematography, (PDGC) recently capitulated to a consortium of women's rights groups.   These groups have dictated that women may not be selected for parts in movies based on either appearance or acting ability, as it is not Politically Correct, (much as they have done for hiring stewardesses on US airlines. This is not, repeat, NOT, the reason US airlines are going broke).   This resulted in Hollywood starting to produce films with any random female as the "star".   My Big Fat Greek Wedding plainly illustrates this; the female lead, Nia Vardalos was chosen to play Toula, the sparkling young bride, even though she is a middle-aged fatty with a bad complexion.   But My Big Fat Greek Wedding has bigger problems.  
        There are basically three levels of comedic ethnic immersion used in your standard ethnic comedy.   The FIRST is exposure to their accents, food and senses of humor.   These films are usually funny, as they know they must rely on a real story and real sources of humor.   The SECOND level of comedic ethnic immersion adds hackneyed stereotypical behavior and an inundation of completely unbelievable "family warmth & community togetherness" scenes.   These are high cringe-factor films, and you only laugh because the person you are sharing your tub of popcorn with is laughing.   The THIRD level of comedic ethnic immersion has some of the above, but immerses us in dangerous idiosyncratic behavior, and is generously populated with borderline sociopathic neighbors and family members.   These films may remind you that they were meant to be funny, but a normal person's gag reflex is most often stimulated before the laughter reflex.   In cases like these. one usually barfs into one's tub of popcorn.   Take a guess which level My Big Fat Greek Wedding is.
      Enduring Line or Phrase:  "Man is the head, but woman is the neck."

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