GOLDMEMBER, Austin Powers In,     - A    Narada    Film Review

   'Mini-Me' has   
   a very large 
   piece.  Played by   
   MIKE MYERS as   
   the outrageous   
   'Fat Bastard'     
   'Foxxy Cleopatra' is    
   real 'soul-candy'.
Goldmember, Austin Powers in, - Jay Roach - Producer, Director

  Reviewed 28 Aug 2002       Here we go again: 'Little God Syndrome', this time with Jay Roach both Producing and Directing, all the while, the Devil of Blind Hubris sitting on his left shoulder, whispering to him that he CAN actually can be all things to all people.   As a movie, Goldmember is a profound failure; as a comedy, it is something much worse.   Even Mel Brooks in his twilight years could have done a better job.    Mike Myers as Austin Powers can hold his head high and proclaim he is one of the major high cringe-factor embarrassments of our generation.   I won't discuss the plot here, it is absolutely not germane.  And let Jay Roach remember; "Cameos" are defined as, "Irrelevant, mercifully brief appearances by 'celebrities' intended to give value to otherwise decrepit films".
       As children, we would often hear other kids say 'dirty' things that, if caught, would get their mouths washed out with soap.   These 'nasty' things usually had something to do with 'doo-doo', or 'wee-wee', causing our nervous giggles.   But time passed, we had our 6th birthdays, and they weren't funny anymore...    Immaturity aside, 'Austin Powers' was never a good idea; scatological innuendo, Three Stooges slapstick, frequent tributes to Hollywood homosexuality and tasteless sight gags have been its cornerstones; each movie worse than its predecessor.  
       Not that Mike Myers is hopeless: his comedic genius shines as the outrageous character 'Fat Bastard'.   The ONLY other bright spot was Beyonce Knowles, as Foxxy Cleopatra - true 'soul-candy'.    These two performances are the only things that short-stopped this film from being consumed in eternal Hell-Fire.
        LEAST Enduring Line Or Phrase:   "..., baby !"

Reviewed by Narada for Bangkok Eyes - 28 Aug 2002 2002, Bangkok Eyes /

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