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   Final Destination 2      
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   Final Destination 2
Final Destination 2 - -  2003   - David Richard Ellis-Director   &   Warren Zide-Producer

   Viewed on 21 March 03    FINAL DESTINATION 2, as the name infers, is the sequel, and ALL sequels have an uphill battle brought about by the Producers' and Director's inability to put their finger on what it was that made the original successful, (such as 'success' is measured).   They will almost invariably make a cookie-cutter copy of the original which not only misses the mark, but bores from the opening scene onward.   However, I begrudgingly admit that this sequel manages to maintain suspense and viewer interest where the many have failed.
        This time around DEATH is cheated when a girl has a premonition that she and a carload of her friends are moments away from being smack in the middle of a horrendous multi-vehicle pile-up.   She refuses to pull out into traffic, and they are 'saved'....only to have to deal with DEATH one-by-one shortly thereafter -- as no one can really cheat DEATH...
        But WHY does the FINAL DESTINATION series succeed where virtually all "Teenage Horror Flicks" fail?    Some of the reasons are not obvious, but eventually come to those who sit and ponder.  The "Cheating Death" theme is the one obvious 'winner' - given a chance, who among us wouldn't try ?    There are also the bizarre (if sometimes disgustingly graphic) death scenes which seem to appeal to a large cross-section of the viewing public. (Special effects here are way too good to watch on a full stomach.)    But there are other less obvious reasons why FINAL DESTINATION continues to attract moviegoers; the script is obviously plugged in to the attitudes, 'slanguage' and habits of today's 'Nothing-Sacred' teen-set.  Lastly, there is an irreverent undertone of morbid humor, which may appeal to some of you ghouls, but certainly not to me....
        In spite of my better judgment, I would recommend this film for anyone looking for an exciting afternoon at the movies.   Probably not a good idea to bring young children unless you are good at nightmare management.  Don't buy popcorn either - you might not be able to eat it.
      LEAST  Enduring Line or Phrase:  "..It's not over yet."

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