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ENOUGH - Eddy Murphy-Producer,   Michael Apted-Director

  Reviewed 6 Sep 2002       There are 'women's movies', and there are 'women's movies'; ENOUGH is a remake of the Julia Roberts flick, Sleeping With The Enemy (1991).    But it has been updated.    How do we know?    Because we have the star doing her obligatory urination scene.    Female stars urinating on screen is the dead-giveaway that we are into neo-liberated 'realism'; remember Jodie Foster in Panic Room? (2002)    Remember Julia Roberts (again), in The Mexican? (2001)    Good gawd - what next?    Defecation scenes?    Changing sanitary napkin scenes?    Hollywood, give us a break, and give it to us NOW.
       Director Michael Apted is afraid we won't "get it", so he explains each phase of this Relationship-From-Hell genre film with 1930's chapter titles.    This time around, Jennifer Lopes as "Slim" does the 'Tina Turner'.   Billy Campbell as "Mitch", the schizoid wife-beater husband.    Unless you were a high school girl that had to watch this movie as part of your Awareness Training, this movie insults your intelligence.   The real lesson here is : 'Due Diligence' when entering into relationships, however, to the great pity of all concerned, this was buried in a desperate attempt to give the movie-going public adequate doses of chase scenes, tear-jerker moments and death they seem to want and need.   As a travelogue, ENOUGH was just barely passable, however, enough is enough...
       Acting was adequate, but Fred Ward, as Jupiter, stole the show.    Having Ward doing a bit-part for Lopez is like having Brando as coffee boy.   High marks, as usual, go to Juliette Lewis, this time out as 'Ginny'.
        LEAST Enduring Line Or Phrase:   "Don't cry, Mommy."

Reviewed by Narada for Bangkok Eyes - 6 Sep 2002 2002, Bangkok Eyes / bangkokeyes.com

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