DREAMCATCHER    - A    Narada   Film Review

  as Duddits
   as Underhill
   as Col Curtis
Dreamcatcher -  2003 -    Lawrence Kasdan Director   & Producer

   Viewed on 17 Apr 03    How could DREAMCATCHER start with a star-studded cast and end up with a Sci-Fi film even dumber than Pluto Nash?    Well, for starters, you can guarantee any movie that is Directed and Produced by the same high-flying wannabe Hollywood Mogul will not only crash-land and burn, it will auger right in.
        Fortunately for Earth, the invading aliens are the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight.   Unfortunately for Earth, the USA is planning to handle a major alien invasion that threatens all life as we know it-- with one company of special forces and a half-dozen choppers.   (Good planning, Pentagon!).   Fortunately for Earth, about twenty years before, a "good" alien who could save Earth possessed the body of a child retard (don't ask).    Unfortunately for Earth, this retard, Duddits, is dying of leukemia and the 'good' alien within doesn't have the sense to simply change hosts.   Etcetera.   No, DREAMCATCHER is not a comedy...
        The most farcical duel ever to have been set to celluloid is when Underhill (Tom Sizemore) faces down Col Curtis (Morgan Freeman); - Underhill is standing in the snow with John Wayne's pistol (again, don't ask), and Col Curtis is in a helicopter with a mini-gun that can kill everyone on a football field in one minute flat.   After repeated strafings with the mini-gun, Col Curtis somehow fails to turn Underwood into warm hamburger, and is brought down by the pistol....   Also, to whom do we owe thanks for the second-rate SFX?   --The alien snakes moved even less realistically than in Anaconda - shame, shame, on Industrial Light & Magic.
        DREAMCATCHER is but the latest example of a runaway Science Fiction plot. Again we have a host of alien worms, humanoids, body-possessors and giant trans-morphs and no explanation as to how they interrelate. When this occurs, the Director has already lapsed into "tap dancing".   Even top screenwriter William Goldman was unable to rescue this tiny plot.
      LEAST Enduring Line or Phrase:  "I might have to kill you."

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