DOG  SOLDIERS   - A   Narada   Film Review

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    There's a WOLF  
    at their door...
    The group regroups
    to assess carnage by
    lycanthropic attackers.
DOG SOLDIERS  -Neil Marshall-Director   Christopher Figg-Producer .

  Reviewed 20 Oct 2002   The cinema previews of DOG SOLDIERS were necessarily a little dull to maintain the element of surprise; in retrospect, they attempted to walk a fine line - trying to make it interesting, while not giving away too much.   In that, they succeeded, but they gave no hint of the enjoyment in store for the horror-film buff.  This was a big plus for those that went to see it in spite of those plain-vanilla, stereotyped previews.   DOG SOLDIERS far exceeded expectations.  
       Don't confuse DOG SOLDIERS with other "wierwolf" genre films of the last decade.  There were a lot of real 'plusses' that made it worth seeing.   For starters, it isn't spoiled with the usual 'overkill' of unrealistic Hollywood pyrotechnics and other SFX - albiet this was probably only because of a low budget and the distinct possibility of starting a forest fire.   Nevertheless, it helped to maintain a certain macabre realism.   Another big plus was that while Neil Marshall (Director) & Christopher Figg (Producer) took the film seriously, they also maintained an undertone of 'black' British humor.  Another nice touch was the accurate portrayal of a military training mission -where squaddies weren't carrying more Hollywood-style emotional baggage than their backpacks could handle.
       Add to this a talented cast, Kevin (Train Spotters) McKidd as Rifleman Lawrence Cooper, Sean Pertwel as Sgt Harry Wells, and Emma Cleasby as the sometimes-bitchy Megan.   And then stir in some reasonable storytelling (we are never sure who we can trust, who will be the next to bite the dust, or who will make it through the ordeal, if anyone...)
        All of the above lending itself to an early suspension of disbelief; we, the audience quickly settling down to a downright enjoyable, watchable film.   Which is really what it is all about.
  Enduring Line or Phrase:  "You think all women are bitches, well I'm the real thing."

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