DAREDEVIL    - A  Narada   Film Review

  plotting evil in
   the ''DAREDEVIL''    
   ELEKTRA the 'super-heroine'   
   in ''DAREDEVIL''
Daredevil -  2002   - Mark Steven Johnson-Director   &   Arnon Milchan-Producer

   For starters, DAREDEVIL was banned by the elitist thought police in Malaysia because of "... violent content and other 'unhealthy elements'".  This assured its popularity there because, naturally, Malaysians rushed to the small shops in back alleys to buy the black-market DVDs and VCDs.  The Government should be proud of their efforts to support en-masse copyright violations .   Way to go, Malaysia.
        DAREDEVIL, the latest 'cinematized' Marvel comic, has the "right stuff" - if you liked Superman, the first Batman and Spiderman, you will love DAREDEVIL.   It has all the essential ingredients, and is superbly directed and edited.   This is high-octane entertainment.
       As a child, Matt Murdock is accidentally blinded in gangland violence.  His other senses overcompensate for his loss of sight, giving him super-hero capabilities.  As an adult, Murdock (Ben Affleck) becomes a lawyer, and in another obvious attempt at overcompensation, decides that in his nighttime job he should be "doing good" for a change.  And Director Johnson makes sure we don't misunderstand - our Murdock does pro-bono work for the needy.  This is becoming a trend in Hollywood - whenever the protagonist is a shyster lawyer, Hollywood makes sure he does something socially redeeming by way of compensation.  (Remember Sandra Bullock's tree-hugging in Two Weeks Notice?    Remember Michelle Pfeiffer's pro-bono work in I Am Sam?)
        DAREDEVIL is yet another 'good-versus-evil in a large metropolis' set-piece.  --And its an uphill battle all the way against evil Kingpin (Michael Clark Duncan) and Bullseye (Colin Farrell), the most irritating baddie in memory.  Super-heroine Elektra (Jennifer Garner) elicits images of Linda Hamilton (Terminator). with her lean and healthy off-center good looks.   Without spoiling the ending, "justice is served", but it's apparent the baddies are only down, not out - one of the more blatant sequel-preps of 2002.  -- And, for a change, I won't object.
       Enduring Line or Phrase:  "I'm not the bad guy, kid."

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