COLLATERAL DAMAGE     - A Narada Film Review
John Leguziamo as Felix, and Arnold   Francesca Neri with Arnold   Arnold in fiery prison-break attempt.
COLLATERAL DAMAGE, Stars Arnold Schwarzenegger,   John Leguziamo,   Francesca Neri

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is a star because of his larger-than-life appearances (CONAN THE BARBARIAN,  etc),   stranger-than-life roles (TOTAL RECALL,   etc.)    and original plot-lines (TERMINATOR,   etc).     Regrettably,  COLLATERAL DAMAGE   offers the viewing public none of the above.  
      The best that can be said is the plot was lifted intact from  RAMBO   and/or   DEATH WISH   and..., well, the list goes on.   Screenwritten by Producer Nicholas Meyer, dialog is trite from the first spoken word.   Cheap tension-building tricks from 'B' horror films and 15 year-old special effects are not a plus here.   Francesca Neri -who could have had some skirt appeal- lost it with one too many puffy, slightly-parted-lips supermodel pouts.   The only inspired performance was John Leguziamo as Felix - a person you would not want to see set up business in your neighborhood.   
      Arnold needs to lose a little weight before making his next one, but this is not the only reason he might not want to use COLLATERAL DAMAGE on his resume.   The action is mildly engaging, which - when you are talking "Action-Thriller" - is the death knell.   Go see it if you are bored.   Andrew Davis directs. Nicholas Meyer, Producer.

       Enduring Line Or Phrase:   "(none)"

  Reviewed by Narada for Bangkok Eyes - 12 February 2002

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