SEED  OF  CHUCKY    -          A  Narada Film Review

    with blood on their mind...   
   with insemination on his mind.   
   CHUCKY with something on his mind.
SEED OF CHUCKY - 2004   -Don Mancini-Director  
   Now, before you go blaming me for reviewing this piece of trash SEED OF CHUCKY in the first place, please understand that any horror film that would kill off Santa in the first scene can't be all bad, right?   Furthermore, when you get right down to it, why does Chucky keep coming back?   Could it be because he is so utterly sociopathic that, without having to think, he tromps on, and even transcends all of today's Neo-Victorian political correctness?   But let's not visit this too deeply, or someone will steal this review for his Doctoral dissertation...
         It becomes apparent from the first that SEED OF CHUCKY is trying for cult status, with frequent references to itself and an overkill of self-depreciating humor.   Nevertheless, it fails at this, not even coming close to the Star Trek formula for endless sequels.   Chucky and Tiffany's child, Glen (last episode), who coincidentally (?) grew up (this episode) to look exactly like Terrence Stamp in The Collector becomes somehow separated, but escapes from a sideshow and finds his way back to Mom & Dad, who see that he is a decent Animatronic doll, and not the least bit demonic.   Chucky intends to change all of that, and sets out to corrupt him, as would any self-respecting father.   And if that wasn't bad enough, Director Don Mancini has Chucky and Tiffany squabbling in a direct copy-cat of Ralf Cramden and Alice in The Honeymooners - they even sound like their real-life forerunners.   Here come the lawsuits.
         The endless knife murders that play themselves out are immaterial, really, as we know from previous "Chuckys" that all this will come to pass.   What could have been considered earlier on as "plot", blotto's itself out as Director Mancini loses all sense of purpose in the last half hour, and we poor popcorn-eaters are left with a series of complex plot twists that only manage to disappoint.   Jennifer Tilly, paradoxically, produces her best performance since Dancing at the Blue Iguana, too bad it had to be in a Chucky flick.   Jennifer Tilly, who once had the best female form on the Silver Screen, has bloated up like the Michelin Man, and should be reminded that Hollywood doesn't have too many openings for fatties with squeaky voices...
      Enduring Line or Phrase:  "They're executing Martha Stewart tomorrow..."

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