AFTER  THE  SUNSET    -          A  Narada Film Review

        as, maybe, too good 
AFTER THE SUNSET - 2004   -Brett Ratner-Director  &  Patrick Palmer -Producer
        Director Brett Ratner, having a rather embarrassing history of unfunny buddy-pics (to wit: the two Rush Hour's) has outdone himself.   With AFTER THE SUNSET, he manages to go over the top on this buddy-pic male-bonding thing. Seemingly following in the footsteps of Mel Brooks, this, his latest film is even more 'campy' than any of his previous.   Now if Brett Ratner wants to come out of the closet, who are we to put a stop to it? -- but then, when I am paying full price to watch a film and way too much for a tub of popcorn, I really and truly do not want to watch a bunch of homosexual innuendo, adolescent phallic double-entendre and endless mega-doses of 'male-bonding' between Woody Harrelson and Pierce Brosnan.   
         Lacking any story line stronger than a half-hour I Love Lucy episode, Director Ratner has us watch as Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayak make out on beaches, on hammocks, in bedrooms, bathrooms and just about every corner of their beachfront home.   It soon becomes cyclic-filler.   We watch these two lovey-doveys affirm and reaffirm they will never steal big diamonds again, even though they now know that the very big "3rd Napoleon Diamond" will be arriving on a cruise ship in two days.   Of course, the more they reaffirm that they have 'retired' from the gem theft business, the more the audience becomes aware of what will go down - they will steal the diamond.   --But do not interpret this as a "spoiler", as even the most cretinous were able to see that if they did NOT steal the diamond, there would be no film.
         Last night before the main feature, we viewed a short film reminding us that we would not steal a woman's purse, a mobile phone, or a video tape from a store, so why would we buy pirated copies of movies which would also make us criminals?   (Alright, guys, we hear you...)   And then AFTER THE SUNSET comes on and tells us it is alright to steal $30,000,000 diamonds - provided we are successful, likeable, intelligent, and glamorous enough to make People Magazine,   This film is yet another example of Hollywood's long-running flirtation with the concept that it is not only OK, it is admirable to be a thief if we are 'Beautiful People'..
      LEAST Enduring Line or Phrase:  "My pole!"

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