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Rachadapisek Road
Night Entertainment Areas
Soi 6 + 8    &   Soi 4
Bangkok, Thailand

- Photo Essay -

Part 1 - Rachadapisek Soi 4

   If you are on Rachadapisek Road and see this billboard, you are there.   If you are on Rachadapisek Road and you don't see this sign, you need to consult your eye doctor.

   The Sama is rapidly nearing completion of renovations, and should be opening this October.

   This is a shot of the Rad on one of September's rainy nights - it is centrally located near the two parking lots.

   The Baku's Vegas-strength neon is hard to miss...

   The Bang Rak is one of the larger venues - popular even on the weeknights.

   The Box remains unexplored - perhaps on our next visit.

   Code Raad's violent red neon caught these young ladies out in the rainy weather.

   The Kokok Pub remains popular with the younger set.

   The Pisamai (Thai sign) makes up for a lack of space by an abundance of hospitality.

   Pure Bar Pub had a bevy of PR girls out in the rain to snag the passersby.

   The Vice Versa has the most interesting hostesses on the soi.

   The Zaleng Bangkok is second in popularity with the 'wairoon' set only to the aforementioned Snop - with half-priced drinks in the early evening, the young folk were flocking there this last weekend.

Part 2 -
Rachadapisek Sois 6 & 8 - (Soi Hollywood)

   This shot of the "Soi Hollywood" billboard was slightly blurred by the rains - but unmissable nonetheless to the passing traffic.

   The Babara (Barbara?) is one of the venues that at first glance appears to be a restaurant - but you need only to take a peek inside to see the second entranceway to the super-sized pub.

   The Dance Fever is, as might be expected, a disco emporium - busy on weekends and weeknights.

   The Haa Roo is a casual Thai-style restaurant (read: pub) - come as you are, in your hot car or whatever - also home to some hot coyote dancers.

   The Motown isn't - but it is good fun, nonetheless..

   There is a lot going on at Momo's - another of the super-sized venues to be found on Soi 8.

   The Ban Suan Seafood (Sign in Thai) is yet another pub with a restaurant facade.   In the early evening, the queue to get into the pub forms at the left hand side as you go in.

   The Bali Seafood, likewise, is another super-pub once you get past the main entrance.

   The Bai Mon Kitchen is a smaller Karaoke Cafe on the Soi 8 side.

   The Zeed (2) is likely related to the older Zeed located at the Chatuchak Night Entertainment Area (see our August 2006 issue).   This outlet has a large indoor & large outdoor area to select from - depending on the type of entertainment you are seeking.

   The street signs are all even on this (inward-bound) side of Rachadapisek Road, so if you are taking a car out from the city, drive out past True Tower, and make the next U-turn.

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