OSCAR   PICKS - 2003 !!    - A  Narada   Film Review

       Our Movie Critic   Narada   put his BORDERLINE CAREER on the line (09 MARCH 2003*) with his OSCAR PREDICTIONS -- and he has FAILED FAILED FAILED. He will be replaced by a new MOVIE CRITIC as soon as we can find a suitable candidate.

Michael Caine in "The Quiet American"       -BEST
Christopher Walken in "Catch Me--"       -BEST SUPPORTING
Renée Zellweger in "Chicago"             -BEST
Catherine Zeta-Jones in "Chicago"       -BEST SUPPORTING
"Lilo & Stitch"                                     -ANIMATED
"Hero" -                                                 -FOREIGN
"I Move On" from "Chicago"             -ORIGINAL SONG
"Chicago"                                     -BEST MOTION PICTURE
"Spider-Man"                               -VISUAL EFFECTS
"Gangs of New York"                       -SCREENPLAY FOR SCREEN
"Chicago"                                         -SCREENPLAY PREV PUBLISHED
"Road to Perdition"       -CINEMATOGRAPHY(Original: typo'ed ART DIR)
Martin Scorsese "Gangs of New York"       -DIRECTING
"The Time Machine"                               -MAKEUP

(  3 OF 14 = 21% !  )   -YOU'RE FIRED !

90% - 100%     -Genius Of Cinematic Appreciation
80% - 89%     -Avid Movie-Goer, but marginally worthy of "Critic" Status
70% - 79%     -On very shaky turf - will be talked about behind his back.
69% - 60%     A hack -One more slip-up, and you're outta here.
(less than 60%)   -YOU'RE FIRED !

      Due to the limited number of films available to Bangkok's movie-goers, Narada has been tasked to include only those films available for viewing here.

      He will be graded after the ceremonies, and either exhalted as a GENIUS of Cinematic Appreciation, or Reviled and his salary will be revoked for a period of not less than ONE YEAR, Results will be published HERE on the day following the Award Presentations !

      * "Christopher Walken" & "Hero" were the only two predictions made before the Oscar Nominations.

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