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Night Entertainment Area

- Photo Essay -

   The 400 Club is one of the larger venues - stretching through from the main drag to the soi behind. (see map).

   The Seven Nights has live music and dancing - located in the soi behind.   But be advised - it is packed out on weekends.

   The Busaba (Thai sign) is lower key - a lounge - restaurant with an open area in the back.

   The Bang Saen (Thai sign) staff say they are open every day, but in practice - only weekends.   Check out the droplet refraction patterns - the misting droplets were too small to be seen witn the human eye, but were picked up with the digital camera w/flash - unusual, to say the least.

   The Buu Nga Pub & Home (Thai sign) is laid back, as those of you who can read Thai would gather from the rest of the sign.   Buu Nga is the name of a flower - as represented on the sign.

   The Cache Club might be pronounced "cashay club" by we Westerners, but the Thais call it "Catch Clab" or "Cat Clab".

   The Cha-Bar is another venue that goes from the main Kampheng Phet Rd through to the soi behind.   Also a very busy place on weekends.

   The Cotton Field Cafe is located in the rear soi, quieter than most - you can hear yourself talk.

   The E' ba (pronounced 'ee bah'), it is located on the main drag, a little further down.

   The IK>Q Pub (pronounced "eek-kew") is a two storey lounge - live music on weekends.   Whether live or recorded, it is about 100 decibels too loud.   Good local food, though.

   The Icy Heat does virtually all it's business on the weekends - when it is extremely busy.   Also located at the far end.

   The Zeed Pub & Bar is located nearest the Subway station on the main drag.   Again, mainly a 'weekend venue'.

   The Lady Bug is another of the larger venues - located at the far end.

   This venue has an unreadable sign (go ahead and try).   It has text from both the English and Thai alphabets - and has varous pronunciations.   It is most commonly called the Mong Bar.   It is also a gay bar, so be advised.

   The More Pub was renovating when we last passed by, and is due to open right about........... NOW.

   The Puzzle Pub & Restaurant is another of the smaller, quieter places on the back row.

   The Tung Ton is another of the larger venues on the main drag (going all the way back to the soi behind) - a lot of action on the weekends.

   The Volume lives up to it's name - loud music equals big crowd on the weekends.   Located on the back row.

   The Wan Seun (translation : 'day before yesterday') is only open on the weekends.

   The Zixny (pronounced Sick Nai, it is a transliteration of 'sixty-nine', as may be gathered by the sign).   Located all the way down on the back soi, it doesn't do much business.

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