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Soi Bua Khow
Night Entertainment Area
Pattaya, Thailand

- Photo Essay -

         Below is a sampling of the several dozens of bars found on Soi Bua Khow and it's most popular Sub-Soi Soi L.K. Metro.   While far from complete, this Photo Essay will give first-time visitors an idea of the type of entertainment, and how to find it.

   The Bua Khow Pub For Life (Thai name) is a mostly local pub on the main Soi Bua Khow.   The "For Life" refers to 'Music For Life", or our equivalent of folk music.

   The Cock & Bull is on Soi L.K. Metro, and is both Pub and restaurant.   If any of you were hoping for a repeat of the old Cock & Bull on Soi 19 Sukhumvit (Bangkok), fergeddaboudit, but the current namesake has both good food and drink.

   The Drunken Duck, also on Soi L.K. Metro, is one of the several Hotel - Bars on Soi Bua Khow.

   The Fcuk Inn is another Soi L.K. Metro venue - it's sign having been already around the world several times on the Internet - forwarded by those who find such things humorous.

   The Lilo Lils Bar & Guest House has a delightful staff of hostesses.   Also on Soi L.K. Metro.

   Lloydie's, more a pub than a bar, is also located on Soi L.K. Metro.

    Lolitas, located on Soi L.K. Metro, is the sister of the "Specialty Services" venue of the same name in Bangkok.

   Murphy's Law, on Soi L.K. Metro is another comfortable venue.

   Nicky's (on the main drag, Soi Bua Khow) also does a good business, especially on weekends.

   The Place 2 Bee is yet another Pub & Guest House on Soi L.K. Metro.

   The Rock House is both Apartments and Sports Bar.   Located on Soi L.K. Metro.

   Stephanie Bar Beer is centrally located on the main stretch of Soi Bua Khow.

   The Stereo advertises itself as Music Lounge and Guest Suites.   Located on Soi Bua Khow, at the corner, just as you enter the Soi L.K. Metro sub soi.

   The Sweethearts Bar located on the main drag is one of the more spacious Night Venues on Soi Bua Khow.

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