The Curious Case of Benjamin Button  A Narada Film Review
Warner Bros / Paramount - (2008)     David Fincher - Director  and  Kathleen Kennedy - Producer
         The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button landed the Oscars this year for Achievement In Visual Effects, for Achievement In Makeup and for Achievement In Art Direction, however it failed, somehow, to land the Oscar for Most People Dying Of Old Age In a Feature Film.   The film fed off of people dying of old age.   The film "Benjamin Button", in fact, broke new cinematic ground in this regard, as it was the first film to ever REQUIRE another character to die - as a catalyst - thereby allowing the plot to progress, and believe me, there are one heck of a lot of plot bits in the film's ensuing 2 hours and 48 minutes.   F. Scott Fitzgerald's original short story took less time to read - whew !
         The film adopts the rather unusual perspective (the reverse-aging of Benjamin) to portray the story of 'mortality', the 'impermanence of life's situations', and how one should 'live one's life to the fullest'.   However, Director David Fincher fails us with a two-dimensional portrayal of Benjamin, and then trys to make up the difference with visual wizardry.
         While Brad Pitt can claim the prize for 2008's 'Man Of A Thousand Faces', he unfortunately had only two expressions for each of those thousand faces - smiling and not-smiling.   Brad Pitt, let's face it, can't act - the only thing he has going for him is celebrity-draw power - in reality he is just "Being There"(with all due respect to Peter Sellers).   Fortunately, in Benjamin Button, he had very few full sentences to deliver.
       Enduring Line or Phrase:  "It sure makes me understand the value of earning a living."

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